Canary IslandWhenever mentioning the Canary Islands, every time we think of the beautiful beaches , the yellow sand and the paradise climate. A holiday on the Canaries is perhaps a dream for everyone. Many of us, however, want to stay in this memorable place forever. To live in these magical islands is like part of a fairy tale. If you are from this part of the population that wants to feel only the sun’s rays throughout the year, it means that the decision to move to the Canary Islands is almost taken. Among the advantages here is the fact that the rental prices of houses are not among the highest in the world, ranging from 400 to 700 euros.

And you can rent a car for a whole day for the modest sum of 20 euros. Work on the beautiful islands can be found, only if you speak a fluent Spanish – that also is not such a difficult task. Among the highly paid professions are those of doctors, computer scientists, musicians. If you fall into this category, not only you can easily find an employer, but you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that the Canary Islands can give you. In case, however, you are of those brave people who do not have the required specialty and nevertheless are willing to live in paradise without having enough money to enjoy it, so you can start working as maintenance personnel.

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A very important thing, however, you have to do before going for an interview, besides learning Spanish, it is to find an accommodation and also to register in the police station. Canary Islands are a place where you can find work, only on condition that you have where to live and you are a registered resident. There is no place for black workers here, because however – this is the Heaven.
If you are brave and want to live in the fairy tale of the Canary Islands, those are the most important things you should do before you move permanently.



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