Back to the past with Santorini


Santorini is the main island in an island group with the same name. The most famous sight are undoubtedly the excavations of a Bronze Age settlement, attributable to the Minoan civilization of Crete due to the use of hieroglyphic writing A and strong similarities in artifacts and styles of the murals. The presence of the influence of Minoan Crete was found during the excavations at Santorini, which unearthed out of the 40-meter layer of volcanic ash a whole village with two or three-floor houses decorated with frescoes and wall paintings which are reminiscent of the Minoan palaces. The village was covered due to a tsunami that meant the decline of the Minoan civilization. The catastrophe was enhanced by the strong earthquake and the spread at a considerable distance volcanic ash. However, that managed to preserve the ruins for the tourists who visit the city.

Moreover, Santorini is a great place for religious tourism as the island is a home to 330 Orthodox (mainly) and Catholic churches. So, the island also attracts many believers from all over the world. The most famous of them are the Monastery of Prophet Elijah (Elias Prophitis) and the Convent of St. Nicholas but all the others are worth a visit, as well.


Last but not least, Santorini has great amenities – it has very good hotels, great beaches, the restaurants offer authentic Greek sea food. The high season is in the summer but many religious tourists visit the island all year long. Getting to Santorini can be expensive in the low season as there are not regular cheap flights but flying is not a problem in the summer as there are regular low-cost flights from many major airports in Europe and many regular flights from Athens, as well.

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