Sicilian Holiday Affair

Sicily-342x184Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean!
He washes the shores in three seas: the Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Mediterranean. Known for his connections with the Mafia island is an extraordinary place full of history, culture and engaging experiences for tourists.
There are three main reasons that will get you in Sicily, including good weather, beautiful landscapes and sunsets, and of course the delicious food.
Anyone visiting the island will rediscover something new in themselves, looking at the vast sea widths absorbed in atmosphere as in a movie with Al Capone. Narrow cobbled streets and stone buildings they will returned you back to the history and makes you want to sit in one of the grocery stores for some coffee .

It is known that the beaches of Sicily are among some of the most beautiful in the world. With crystal clear waters, velvety sands, rugged coastal scenery and wonderful places for swimming, Sicily provides you many places from where to enjoy the intoxicating sunsets. Wherever you decide to rest on the island will not stay without beach since all 280 worthy to cover themselves with the title of “most beautiful” beach. One of the reasons fasting island are also people living on it. Shy by nature, they manage to be friendly and smiling and always ready to help you with whatever they can. May not speak English, but you will feel the warmth and generosity, and that is enough to eliminate any language barrier!Wherever you go, and no matter what you order, the food is guaranteed heavenly delicious. The products are always fresh and seasonal, and temptation follows you all over the island.

sirakuza-246x114Syracuse is one of the places that must visit when you are on holiday in Sicily. There is the best preserved Greek amphitheater in the world! The city is located in the southeastern part of the island and is a very good reason to visit Sicily, especially if you are interested in history, legends and romance!

travel06a-204x137Savoka is located in the heart of the Sicilian countryside and the place that inspired Francis Ford Coppola to create a cinematic masterpiece The Godfather II. The town is modest, agricultural and untouched by the modern world. Fans of the movie still flock here to see the Bar Vitelli and beautiful town perched on a hill not far from the Ionian Sea. Savoka remains quaint, charismatic and untouched by civilization.

great_vacation_taormina_hotel-260x146Taormina will find some of the best beaches in Sicily and  exactly they make Taormina a favorite destination for many tourists. The city is located near the famous volcano Etna and is a popular resort since the time before the rise of the Roman Empire. Nature lovers will love the Isola Bella, a beautiful bay in the shape of the valley, you will find in the middle of the peaceful bay of Taormina.

ragusa_ibla-193x145Ragusa is located at the southern end of the island and it’s a very popular tourist destination. This is due to the beautiful baroque architecture and the fact that the town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ragusa is like a beautiful postcard! Imagine all those romantic, winding streets, narrow, cobbled alleys and charming churches. Enjoy the wonderful, Sicilian landscapes – Ragusa simply has it all!




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