Good company, reliable vehicle, some snacks and beer (if you are not the driver), a map or your dream to travel without a direction…

What else do you need for a nice road trip? Oh, of course – some good music to suit your mood!

Today, we are making for the best music playlist ever – for your next road trip, of course. Trust us, these songs will make you even more exciting during the trip!

1. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

Even though you are not actually going to Alabama, the song is super suitable for a trip. It has a fantastic chill mood to inspire and excite!

2. Hit the road, Jack – Ray Charles

We really love that song, but when you are on the road it has some special taste of sports anger and motivation to travel the whole world, with no certain direction!

3. A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

Ok, the song is girlish, but there are girls in the car for Christ sake! You need to make their day, too! Don`t forget them!

4. Route 66 – Rolling Stones

Sorry, Zeppelin and sorry, Aerosmith, but there`s no better rock band than Rolling Stones for road trip music.

5. Chris Rea – Road to hell

This is another diabolic road song we really recommend to you. Though, if you like the artist, all of his songs are just great for a relaxing trip, too!

6. Six days on the road – Dave Dudley

Have you ever even imagined your car CD without this song? Come on! It was surely made on the road even…

7. Paul Simon – Graceland

If you want to reach your destination then you need to listen to the song while you are traveling, guys!

8. Kraftwerk – Autobahn

The name of the song speaks by itself. And if you haven`t listened to it yet, the first time on your trip would be awesome!

9. Merle Hagard – The lonely fugitive

You cannot be wrong with this song. It gets inside your bones and makes you want to never go back to the ‘boring’ life at home…

10. Black Keys – Little black submarines

Regardless whether you are having a seaside or a mountain trip, this song really worth it to be part of it!

11. The Sandells – Dirty water

How many times have you heard of this song without wanting to travel right away!? Zero, right?

12. Arcade Fire – Keep the car running

So the driver will know what to do!

13. Jay Z – 99 problems

We don`t know why for sure but this is a good song for a road trip, too!

14. The pretenders – Middle of the road

Good for the beginning, good for the end – come on, this song is good for the whole trip!

15. Richard Thompson – 1952 black lighting

Classical rock is always amazing for the road, isn`t it…?

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