In 21st century there`s one mutual dream most people have – to be super stars! Show business has changed and influenced our lives so badly recently that it becomes a classical case for someone to try leaving in his or her favorite movie star`s shoes.

This is a case, when people even try to visit the same place, to spend their vacations the same way their most beloved actors or actresses do. Or like they did in a popular movie.

If you are keen on such an idea for a holiday, you`ll love the next list of ideas for trips and vacations. See how to travel like a movie star by checking out the following top travel destinations from movies:

1. The Scottish Highlands


Those of you who are still keen on child`s stories and mostly – the story of Harry Potter – should definitely check out his world. Not only because of the fascinating scenery of the movie background but also because the country is awesome. Scotland is a place you will be trully impressed by. The beautiful nature, the nice people and the local landmarks will eventually drive you to the movie inns and huts!

2. Portland, Oregon


What the heck am I supposed to do there? Well, think about it once again! Aren`t you a fan of Robert Pattinson? Then, this is your place. In Oregon, you will meet most of the woods and the buildings from Twilight saga and meanwhile, you will either be able to see the States (finally) or you`ll remain on your home land, if you are an American without even paying quite much for plane tickets.

3. New Zealand


Go there to see its fantastic meadows and valleys! Go there, if Lord of the Rings is your most beloved movie or book saga. This is how the Middle Earth was actually made and captured – by checking out all the wild areas of New Zealand where the nature is still alive and so impressive!

4. Simply Paris, France…

There are many movies that are inspired by Paris romance and vice versa – Paris inspires quite many titles once its streets and monuments were added to the movies. However, what we believe you will like as an idea is to spend some city trip in Paris by skipping all those common and traditional local attractions and get inside the town, with its underground regions and neighborhoods just as you are a part of the Inception movie.

5. Game of Thrones fan?


Probably you are! I mean who isn`t these days? But if you want to be a part of the geo atmosphere behind the most successful series of 21st century, you need to organize a whole trip. To see the lands of Game of Thrones, visit Malta (on the photo), Croatia and Iceland. Also, don`t forget North Ireland, which is a country that the last series of the movie were made at.

6. Ko Phi Phi Leh, Thailand


This place has made The Beach movie famous and the movie made the place so crowded for the last ten years. If you are a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio and you want to see where he made one of his first big role, Thailand is your country!

Are you ready to travel like a movie star now? Check where your favourite movie was filmed and book your next trip with that in mind. Or just follow Hello My Holiday on Facebook for some travel inspiration!