It is not a secret that Bulgaria is one of the best destinations for winter holiday. Bansko is one of the most attractive and popular ski resorts in the country. The town is one of the hot spots in Europe for a winter holiday because it offers wide variety of activities in combination with the traditional winter sports skiing and snowboarding. Bansko is located just around 60 km from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. This makes it very accessible from every part of the world.

Bansko is nested in the beautiful Pirin mountain in Southwest Bulgaria. The ski area is located at an altitude of 2000 – 2600 m. The resort is the most developed in the country and offers world-class value for a descent price. If that’s not enough, here are some of the top reasons to spend your winter holiday skiing in Bansko:


Many studies show that Bansko is indeed one of the best places for cheap but value ski holiday in Europe. Recently it was named the best value for money ski resort for a family by Trip Advisor. And indeed the prices in Bansko are lower than many European resorts but the ski and snowboarding conditions are often on the same world-class level. The prices are still higher than the average prices in the country so you can take advantage of that and take many day trips to nearby destinations for shopping, sightseeing or just relaxing.


The winter in Bansko is pretty favorable to ski enthusiasts. The season starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-April. Bansko has 70 km of ski runs all well covered with snow. But even if it’s not snowing there are machines that make artificial snow so your holiday won’t be ruined either way.



Yes, Bansko is not only about snow, the ski and snowboard. The town offers many alternatives to spend your winter vacation when you get bored with skiing all the time. Among the choices are other activities like hiking, horse riding, golf, paintball, ice skating and others. We can’t miss the amazing conditions for spa & wellness. Many nearby resorts offer great spa weekends with hot mineral spring waters, such as Bania which is 10 km away from the resort.  

Even if you just sit in your cozy room and watch the view you will not be bored because Pirin mountain has spectacular scenery. The town itself is also pretty interesting. You can take a walk to the central street where you will find many shops with traditional wares on sale, ski equipment and many cafes, taverns and mehanas with traditional Bulgarian cuisine. It is worth the visit for sure!

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