Sometimes, when planning a vacation, it`s not the destination or the activity plan you choose, but the deal you succeed to make. Getting an awesome and affordable offer for a splendid time away from work and from home can be super exciting and healthy experience. But finding budget-friendly destinations in our world isn’t that easy.

Today, we are focusing your attention at such trips asking you to take a look at the following top budget-friendly destinations to visit in 2016. See them now and prepare for a nice, but quite a cheap spring or summer tour this year:

1. Estonia

Yes, hotels aren`t that attractive and modern as you might have seen in top destinations like London and Paris, so hostels might be your chances, but who needs an expensive accommodation, when there`s so many things to see and for free. What we really like about the affordable Estonia is that it connects Nordic with Eastern European style of life and culture, so the experience is by all means worthy it.

2. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

Probably, it will take lots of hours for you to remember this name, but guess what – it will take you really little time to afford for a long vacation. Vietnam is cheap and friendly, affordable and cool with its Asian style of culture that is so different from Chinese and Japanese. Trust us, guys, if you have 20 USD per day, you will get nice accommodation, awesome nutrition and few sites to visit.

3. East Africa

Instead of going to an expensive safari that will end up with a bad murderer of an animal, better take the benefits of watching for hours and for free the lovely scenery of East Africa. If you wonder why it`s so cheap now here, it`s the shocking ebola epidemic.

4. New Mexico

New Mexico offers you a beautiful area to discover and an active vacation for really little money. All you need is to book an early flight and to get an average accommodation. The rest is hiking and cycling across the impressive hilly regions here. Women can enjoy free of charge sun for their tan anywhere they go!

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Who would believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina can be so gorgeous? Well, not a person, who believes that cheap means poor. Indeed, the country had some really serious political problems recently, but thankfully they did not spoil the amazing local nature here, but only made it more affordable for tourists. Why going there? Because you will be by all means one of the few people at work, who can say something different about their spring vacation. Because, after all, it`s annoying to listen about London and Miami every single year, right?

6. Galicia in Spain

Who said Spain can be expensive? Well, it is, if you are so dull to go to Madrid or Barcelona, but if you are smart enough to pick up some more faraway place, where mysterious history and legends come to life and nature is so awesome, you can get a Spanish holiday for less than 300 USD for a week.

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