Maybe most of you think that it is too early to think about the next summer. But what can be better than thinking about the shining sun and the golden sand, while outside is cold and gloomy. Look at our suggestions for summer holidays and dive into the atmosphere that they offer.

    Ibiza is called the island of entertainment and unstoppable summer parties. Most of the bars and restaurants are situated very close to the beach, even some of them are on the sand. For those tourists who love the wild night life, it is very important to say that the local clubs are among the best in the whole world.




That island in the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect destination for people who look for wonderful climate and fun regardless of the age.


141-harbours ibiza



The advantages of Chalkidiki are countless, but two of them make that place unique – the perfectly clean nature and the remarkable monasteries, which have kept through the centuries a big part of the local culture, traditions and religion. That Greek peninsula will offer you everything that you need to get away from the dynamic and stressful life. In Chalkidiki you will relax and fully recharge yourself!



If sunbathing is not for you, you can try something different next summer. The Fjords of Norway – magical landscapes, genuine natural beauty, untouched heaven nooks. That description is absolutely appropriate to describe the charm of the fjords – one of the most remarkable natural wonders in the world. That miraculous place is still keeping the crystal cleanness from the days of its creation. The fjords are a real entry to a natural paradise.





Now, back to South Europe. If you prefer holidays with a cultural purpose, Barcelona has a lot to give. No matter of your work, birthplace or age, there is something for every taste and preferences. “The city of Gaudi” is one of the most individualistic and sunniest places in Europe.





The cathedral Sagrada Familia, the biggest stadium in Europe – CampNou, the bullfighting arena – just a few landmarks in Barcelona, which you must visit for sure. There your trip will take on a new meaning and you will be enriched spiritually!




The last place that we decided to offer you is maybe one of the most attractive cities in the world – Istanbul.



Its popularity is growing up day by day. People all over the world go there to be a part of this mixture between civilization and tradition. If you make the choice to visit it, take a long break, because you will need a lot of time to explore that magnificent city

.istanbul (1)



As you see Europe offers a lot. Make your own choice according to your personal taste and go to an unforgettable vacation this summer. Everyone deserves this!