We love triple S – Sun, Sea and Sand, but today we will write about winter variation of triple S – Slopes, Snow and Ski.

There are so many places in the world where you can enjoy this beautiful sport, but we choose Europe. This is a short guide for best ski resorts in Europe for winter 2013-2014, just useful information about the coolest slopes, the most romantic hotel in the mountain, the best place for beginners and more…

Skiing means enjoying of freedom and silence and everyone deserve this pleasure even ones in his life and why not this winter.

Of course we start with Italy; this country can give you so much, no matter which season is, the time spend there is always amazing.

Cervinia, Italy:  


You just will love this place; it’s a difficult to explain this breathtaking view and simplicity of life. The blue sky and the white slopes look that never ends and there is enough space for everyone from beginners to wild skiers.

This place offer so much: can enjoy views of the Matterhorn, also the slope are right by the village and make this a joy for skiers, never is to late to stop for a cup of tea or glass of wine and finally there is a easy access to Zermatt in Switzerland.

In Cervinia you will find a huge range of hotels like “The Hermitage”, “Saint Hubertus” and all the other hotels that are helping the resort to modernize at last.

There is an only one bad thing: when is windy the lifts to Zermatt are closed.


Livigno, Italy:

Livigno, Italy-hellomyholiday

Livigno is situated in Northern Italy in the heart of the Alpes, and offers a breathtaking nature and amazing slopes more than 115 km long where you can practice you favorite sport. Livigno is famed as a duty free haven and everything from coffee to diner is cost less than at other ski resorts in Europe

If you are professional or just amateur, Livigno offers you the perfect conditions, perfect accommodation and perfect joy. There is plenty of hotels and apartments, restaurants, lively bars, pubs and discos, shops of all kind, sport activities for every taste and all ages.


Zermatt, Switzerland:

Zermatt, Switzerland-hellomyholiday

Welcome to Zermatt, another spectacular view of the Matterhorn, this resort is one of the great ski and climbing centre of the world.

Zermatt is a special place with his own atmosphere, the mix between old and new it’s a charming and you will not be disappointed.

This place is truly for professionals, but every one is most than welcome, even for a few days you will feel yourself reborn.

Thanks to the Mother Nature, Zermatt can offer the longest ski season in Europe from late November to early May, also the longest consistently open ski run in Europe from Klein Matterhorn to Zermatt 13 Km – open late November to mid April and finally the highest (ski) lift in Europe almost 4000m – Klein Matterhorn 3899m


Verbier, Switzerland:

Verbier, Switzerland-hellomyholiday

Verbier is one of the top quality ski resorts in the world and offer everything that you need for the perfect ski holiday. Whether you seek snow and thrills, extreme skiing and adrenaline, lively bars and stylish restaurants or village charm from your ski holiday, Verbier has something for everyone.

What we can say about the slopes, the ski area spans over 400 km, stretching across the FourValleys area with 45 ski lifts for best service and comfort.

The regular investments in this resort keep his reputation, and you can expect very high standard everywhere around – of course this is the reason to be more expensive place than other.

But truly it’s unbelievable and beautiful place


St Moritz, Switzerland:

St Moritz, Switzerland-hellomyholiday

Just beautiful, if you do compare to other famous places of the world, the only thing that comes in our mind is Monaco. Luxury is everywhere, even on the slopes, prepared to the highest standard.

For winter sports enthusiasts there are 350 kilometers of pistes with a state-of-the-art infrastructure in the surrounding area.

In St. Moritz everyone felt like royalty there are several luxury hotels, spas and luxurious shops against an Alpine background of lakes and mountains.

This is a perfect place for ski lovers and also for people who don’t like skiing.

St Moritz….


Val d’Isere, France:

Val d’Isere, France-hellomyholiday

Val d’Isere is a remarkable place with charm and history and with almost 30.000 beds in hotels of all categories, like lovely rustic chalets, cosy holiday apartments where you can feel like home or generous vacation homes provide matching accommodation for every taste.

We can easy say that Val d’Isere it’s a perfec place for couples or families with many opportunities for a pleasant holiday

The total number of ski slopes is 67 with different difficulty for every taste and experiance.

Some of the ski lifts are free, also there is a plenty of ski schools for kids and beginers.

Just a perfect place not far from UK


Meribel, France:

Meribel, France-hellomyholiday

Meribel is another top quality ski resort in France, which conquered not only with the wonderful conditions for recreation and sports, but as a whole, with its sophisticated atmosphere and traditions.

Situated in the hart of 3 valleys Meribel it’s a place very well known for a ski lovers from many years ago.

The resorts is great for skiing and give options for connections with other resorts around with more than 600 km ski slopes and 180 ski lifts.

About accommodation, truly can say that there is something for everyone, with more than 700 apartment, hotels and chalets you definitely will find something that suits your needs.


Ski Welt, Austria:

Ski Welt, Austria-hellomyholiday

Ski Welt in Austria for sure must be in our top 10 list with more than 280 km ski slopes this resort is very comfortable for professional and beginners:

Easy slopes (blue) 134 km

Moderate slopes (red) 128 km

Difficult slopes (black) 17 km

You will not be disappointed with perfectly groomed pistes and a choice of beautiful and traditional villages with warm and friendly accommodation this is a great place for everyone.

Just Austria…


Kappl, Austria:

Kappl, Austria-hellomyholiday

Kappl, Austria is a typical ski resort with all facilities and extras for a great holiday. Suitable for families and beginners this place in the heart of Tyrol offers everything. Here your money worth: 40 km slopes, 10 cable cars and lifts, mountain restaurants, ski school, ski hire, ski bus, child supervision, child friendly pistes, everything in one place.

This ski resort is up to 2700m and is open from December to April where you can enjoy slopes prepared to perfection and also slopes for snowboard jumps.

Kappl also offers a huge range of accommodation: mountain hotels, guest houses, alpin hut and more.

Surely you’ll love this place!


Galtur, Austria:

Galtur, Austria-hellomyholiday

Galtur, Austria welcomes everyone who loves ski adventures, with passion for perfection this place can give you so much: from great and comfortable accommodation to night skiing, from luxury hotels to mountain hut and from skiing to snowboarding.

Suitable for couples and families with kids Galtur offers almost everything: night time skiing, ski school, child supervision, ski hire & storage and mountain restaurants and sport activities for every taste and all ages

There is a amazing events every day and you can book your Christmas holiday with confidence.

Galtur it’s a charming and you will not be disappointed.


Enjoy the silence!

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