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A holiday in Bulgaria can be pretty rewarding mostly because you can find activity for every taste. This small, lion shaped country offers long sand beaches, high mountains, diverse climate, natural and cultural wonders, preserved traditions and many activities that will charge you with positive emotions and unforgettable memories. The diversity of Bulgarian gems will impress the most cold-hearted person.

A 378 km stretch of Bulgаriаn lаnd liеs along the Black Sea so you won’t get bored of nice sandy beaches which cover around a third of the Bulgarian coast. This makes the country a perfect spot for a family summer holiday, a romantic beach break or for the seaside adventure seekers.

1. Golden Sands

Golden Sands with its really golden sands is perfect for a family escape and a first-class spa retreat. There is a Natural Park that surrounds the resort complex with hot mineral springs which are used by many local spas. Golden Sands is your real summer paradise and will give you the most needed heavenly retreat.

2. Nessebar

You can go back in time and explore the historic sites of one of the oldest towns in Europe – Nessebar.  Many of the wooden buildings date back to the 19th-century revival period and a walk through the old town will give you a real authentic experience. The historic town of Nessebar is a recognized UNESCO Heritage Site.

3. Sozopol

If you are looking for a romantic sea getaway, Sozopol will greet you with a unique dreamy atmosphere. A walk along the ancient Southern Walls and a dinner in one of the coastal restaurants will give you the deserved romantic relaxation.

4. Rila Monastery

For nature lovers Bulgaria offers many mountain escapes as well. Rila is the highest mountain on the Balkans. One of the top places to visit in Rila is the Rila Monastery which is also recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site. The monastery was founded in AD 927 by hermit monk Ivan Rilski who lived in a cave nearby. You can stay at a nearby hotel or even at one of the monastery’s cells to feel the real RIla experience with its phоtogenic early mоrnings.

5. Seven Rila Lakes

You can also hike to another spectacular Rila site – the 7 Rila lakes. These are seven glacier lakes which lie next to each other in gradually increasing height and you can see all 7 of them with an impressive view to all nearby hills as well.

6. Melnik

Pirin is another beautiful mountain in Bulgaria. Its famous winter resorts are perfect for a ski escape but there are also many things to do during summer. Melnik, for instance, is one of the most unique villages in Bulgaria due to the nearby spectacular sand pyramids. The local wine is also worth a try.

7. Sandanski

Sandanski is another Pirin gem where you can experience the unique microclimate influenced by the Mediterranean. The city is famous with its healing mineral waters and offers many balneological and spa treatments.

8. Plovdiv

If you are visiting Bulgaria during summer you can’t miss to step back in time in the old town of Plovdiv. Its narrowed paved streets will lead you to a walk through different historical ages. This is the place where you can see ancient buildings adapted to the modern way of life.

9. Veliko Turnovo

The charming Veliko Turnovo in Northern Bulgaria will impress you with its amphitheatrical arrangement of the many houses some of which were built over 200 years ago. You can spend the day by visiting the well-restored Tsarevets Fortress which was the citadel of the Second Bulgarian Empire.

10. Sofia

To experience the good city life, you can always come to Sofia. The dynamic capital of Bulgaria welcomes you with never ending night life, unique mix of East and West, excellent art and cultural places and lovely people.

Wherever you choose to spend your holiday in Bulgaria, you won’t be disappointed. There is everything you may need for a perfect summer escape – long beaches, high mountains, ancient ruins, old towns and many hidden gems.