What better way to start the New Year than planning a next adventure? And you are lucky because we have amazing ideas for you.

Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 countries to travel to in 2016 is already here and we can’t wait to present it to you. Here is our quick guide to the top 10 countries to travel to in 2016 according to Lonely Planet:

1. Botswana

A surprising entry at the very top of the list! Botswana is considered the safest country to visit in Africa. There are a number of national parks and wildlife reserves which are perfect safari destinations. You can see all kinds of African wildlife like lions, giraffes, cheetahs and basically anything you can expect from Botswana and more!

2. Japan

No surprises here! Japan’s culture, history, landscapes and architecture are a must see for every travel lover. It is home to as many as 16 World Heritage Sites. The land of the rising sun has always been an attractive and exotic place to visit. And you should definitely visit Japan in 2016.

3. USA

There are so many places to visit in the USA that no matter how much free time you have, it won’t be enough. From New York’s skyline to Universal Studios in Hollywood, the Kennedy Space Center, Yosemite National Park, Niagara Falls and so much more! The US National Parks Service celebrates their 100th anniversary in 2016. Why don’t you go and congratulate them on their great work by visiting Yellowstone?

4. Palau

The Republic of Palau is located on over 250 islands in the Pacific Ocean. 250! Have you always wanted the deserted Pacific island experience, but without the bother of it actually being deserted? Well this is the place for you. Divers have named Palau’s seascape “the underwater Serengeti” because of the large diversity of the marine life.

5. Latvia

Probably not the first association that comes to your mind when you think of Latvia, but it can offer 500 km of white sandy beaches. Around an astonishing 50% of the country is covered in forests which offer many amazing nature trails. Latvia is also famous for some of the most beautiful medieval castle ruins in the world!

6. Australia

In Australia you can find the world’s largest coral reef system, Ayers rock, beaches on 3 oceans, ski ranges, and wildlife which cannot be found anywhere else in the world! It’s no surprise to us that Australia is, and always has been actually, one of the most popular travel destinations.

7. Poland

Poland is an attractive destination, because the nature has been very well preserved and remains mostly unaffected by human development and urbanisation. Poland has a very diverse geography and can attract various types of tourists. With its beaches, mountains, forests, perfectly preserved old towns, and many sites of historic events, Poland deserves to be in the top 10 countries to visit in 2016.

8. Uruguay

Definitely not the most famous destination on this list, but tourism in Uruguay has been developing very quickly over the last few years and it can offer a lot more than we ever realised. The beautiful nature, architecture and diverse culture are real haven on Earth for those of you looking for an adventure in a place that’s not trying too hard to catch your attention, and that’s exactly why it succeeds!

9. Greenland

Not the first thing that enters your mind when you hear the word “exotic”, but that’s exactly what Greenland is. Everything about it is new and foreign to us. Where else will you be able to see Norse ruins (yes, that does mean Vikings!), witness the everyday life of the natives, sail among icebergs, see whales in the wild and go on dog sledding tours?

10. Fiji

You just get that feeling of serenity from knowing you’re in the middle of nowhere. Fiji has an impressive amount of coral reefs, which offer amazing opportunities for divers from all over the world to see the ocean floor in its full glory. The tropical weather makes this a perfect place to chill on a white, sandy beach any time of the year.

So with this list of top 10 countries to visit in 2016 you will never run out of ideas for your upcoming holidays. Follow Hello My Holiday on Facebook for more travel ideas and stories.