Perfect holiday places  - Mauritius,  Seychelles and Maldives

For a long time we listen, explore and drove to describe shortly  three of the most popular exotic places. This is a places that I will visited again and again and again with great pleasure, places of tranquility and variety of different types of entertainment, places where you can relax on the porch of the cottage, drinking citrus cocktail, or just to dive into the vast lagoons and enjoy the wonderful and colorful underwater world, or simply jump to any of the local cruises and they will take you on a tour around the stunning nearby islands .  I’ll start with one of the islands most frequented of honeymooners, families and golfers, namely Mauritius.



mauritius-290x218Mauritius is among the most picturesque island holiday destinations on the planet. The pleasant climate, the minimum time difference and the large selection of apartments, hotels and resorts in the island make Mauritius one of the most preferred tourist destinations. The island is a dream goal, especially for families, honeymooners and golfers. Mauritius is surrounded by turquoise blue water, white beaches and tropical soothing atmosphere seems designed for romantic experiences.



SEISHELI-300x225Heaven on earth! Overgrown with lush jungle, surrounded by hundreds of sparkling reefs and mountains, Seychelles rise from the deep blue sea. The archipelago of 115 islands shaped like a sickle and studded with precious stones is extends from the equator to the northern part of Madagascar. Each of these islands has his own charm and secrets. Seychelles are also suitable for families with children, honeymooners and golfers. Interesting combination is a tour – “from island to island”, but you will enjoy Seychelles only when you visit at least two or three of them. The connections between the islands are short and pleasant, simply zipping to the other island. You can choose an individual combination of your choice and you will be offered just a trip with other selected options for accommodation and length of stay – just ask your tour agent. The local cruises are a great alternative “at sea”, preferably sailing – tour aboard of a classic schooner or modern catamaran, touring around the main islands Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.



maldivi1-300x200A dream destination with long, surrounded by palm trees, white, sandy beaches, turquoise blue and transparent as glass water, become a reality in the Maldives. Untouched underwater world with the most beautiful coral reefs, the most colorful fish and most secluded places for diving is a paradise for everyone. Although former secret between divers, today Maldives have developed as a holiday destination suitable for the whole family. Many Resort has children’s clubs and entertain the youngest of different activities. Also a perfect destination for honeymooners and divers. Underwater world of the Maldives is colorful and diverse, dream goal for demanding divers .

Enjoy your next holiday, no matter where.


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