most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe

December is all about Christmas, right? Everything around us seems to get more beautiful and stylish – including the old, but gold markets! What is the most amazing thing about them is that they bring Christmas spirit much earlier than Christmas`s Eve does.

In Europe, going to Christmas market is a great tradition that most people still like and add to their holiday checklist. These markets aren’t attractive only for their discounts but also for the amazing choice of different and original Christmas gifts, decoration ideas and delicious treats. Stepping among the crowd they bring or going around their wonderful spaces is completely enough to feel the Christmas atmosphere, to get inspired, to fall in love in winter again!

Speaking of which, we will now list you the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe to visit this December. If you have at least a tiny chance to discover them, do not hesitate and get some Christmas mood directly from the counter! And here are the places you should definitely visit:

1. Berlin, Germany

They call this place the capital of all European Christmas markets and this is not strange at all. Berlin is beyond wonderful during this time of the year! It gathers more than 170 stands with crafts, gifts, delicious suggestion for a traditional German holiday and accessories for your Christmas tree. Visit this festive shopping street and get yourself something common for the region – Christmas-styled sausage for some energy during the cold walk and by all means ornaments and toys for the kids!

most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Gathering century traditions and all local cultural habits based on Christmas mood, here you can find one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe you can ever see. And if you want assistance as to what to buy here, do not hesitate to taste the local delicacies like Czech muffins, mulled wine or real Czech beer and maybe, some barbecued pork!

most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

We just cannot forget to add Albert Cuypmarkt Christmas market to our cheerful list of beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. This one faces the competition with its stylish arrangement, glorious sparkling decoration and a whole bridge with stands full of snowmen and brilliant lighting! This market is worth it even more than going to a coffee shop!

most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

In our opinion, every single person does deserve to spend some time at Christmas Market of Tivoli Gardens at least once in his life! Nothing can be more exciting for kids than the local lights and enormous snowmen made of light again. Furthermore, nothing can be more romantic for a family to experience the Danish flavor, when it comes to Christmas-styled sweets and appetizers. Yes! Christmas Market of Tivoli Gardens is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe ever!

most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe

On mandatory, give yourself some joy at Christmas time and visit at least one of these beautiful markets in Europe! And, of course, have happy holidays!

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