When you are visiting a country, it is extremely important to receive the full experience of the nation and culture. A huge part of this sensation is the native cuisine. This is why we decided to create a couple of articles to point out the most important dishes that you need to try when you are visiting and European country

Europe offers a divers cuisine. Although there are similar dishes, each country has its own touch when it comes to food.



The French cuisine consists of a lot of fresh ingredients and cooking is supposed to be done with care and love. Lunch time is sacred to the French. They spend about two hours for lunch. It is considered the primary meal of the day. However, dinner is also very important and consists of several courses. The French love taking their time while eating and enjoying every bite. In the meantime, they use this time to socialize with each other.

Even though Macarons became popular just recently, their history dates way back and their origin remains a mystery up to this day. Despite of its unclear background, this pasty has turned into a signature dessert for the country. They became famous with their uniquely delicious melt-in-the-mouth taste and fancy shape and colors. Everybody loves them. Even though, you have probably already tried them, as they became widely spread, it is totally worth it to get the taste of an original, fresh one!

It is a popular belief that the French make the best baguettes in the world. This statement, however, is not entirely true, as this type of bread you can find everywhere in Europe and it will taste pretty much the same. It is an interesting fact, though, that in France, there are laws for the dough of the baguette and its size is defined by a standard of 65 centimetres/26 inches of length and diameter of 5 centimetrs.  However, when it comes to the combination of a baguette with wine and cheese, it is no myth that you get the original taste of France. It is not that French wine, cheese and bread are unique, it is the perception of this famous combination as the ultimate French experience! This is why, next time you go to France, you must try it.



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Food is an essential part of the Italian culture. To them food represents life, family connection and festivity. For them all three main meals are important. They like to accompany their meals with beverages. For breakfast they drink coffee and their lunch and dinner are usually complimented by some kind of liquor.

Pizza and pasta - the ultimate Italian taste, you would think. However, this type of food is distinctive only for central Italy. What’s more, you might even be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong. The food is amazing, but it is quite different from what you would expect. Ever since it became popular with the rest of the world, recipes around the world have derived from the original Italian. Whereas, we are used to the thicker dough and a lot of products on our pizzas, Italians see it in a different way. For them, this type of food is art. The point here is to highlight the taste of two or three ingredients. It is a common mistake to think that Italian food will leave you hungry because the portions seem quite gourmet. However, do not judge a book by its cover, Italian dough is very heavy. You might even feel full before you have even finished your meal.



The word Mediterranean pretty much describes the Spanish cuisine. Their food consists of various and healthy ingredients. Much like the French and the Italians, the Spanish cherish their lunch time. It consists of three main courses and is usually complimented with bread and wine. An interesting fact is that most of the bars in Spain offer Tapas. Those are small snacks, that are very typical for the country and vary in consistence and size. People usually order them when they go to bars and share it with their friends. You should definitely do that too, next time you are visiting.

The legendary paella… but is it actually as good as they say? The answer is “YES” it absolutely is! The Spanish paella is a sensation of Mediterranean tastes that melts in the mouth, and you can very rarely say that for sea food. It is a splendid combination of fresh see food, rice, and some special Spanish spices. It is a MUST when you are visiting Spain. Don’t forget to accompany it by a jug of cold Sangria. The mix of wine and fresh fruits will make you feel like you are drinking sunshine.

Even though you can often find churros in Portugal and France, this pastry is typical for Spain. This is a fried-dough pastry in a knotted form. It is usually served hot and accompanied by a cup of chocolate for a dip. It is often served as breakfast. The crunchy taste with the combination of sugar and chocolate offers a sensation of tastes that will bring your spirits up for the whole day ahead. So next time you visit Span, do not hesitate to order it along with your morning coffee!

In general food is very important for those three countries. The cuisine experience is very important if you want to feel their spirit and explore their culture.