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  • The green island Thassos

    The green island Thassos

    Called the Green Island, Thassos is a real slice of paradise – with olive groves, pines, cypress trees and evergreen shrubs. On the island itself there are several settlements with holiday houses and beautiful sea views. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake. Distances are small, nature is beautiful, so you can indulge in leisurely walks without purpose and Read More

  • How to Spend Your Money When You Are on Vacation?

    How to Spend Your Money When You Are on Vacation?

    Being on a vacation is all about having fun, relaxing, visiting new and interesting places – having the time of your life. But just like in anything in life, a vacation costs money. Settling a budget for the trip is recommended. This will help you avoid the unpleasant situation of remaining with no money either during the holiday, or after Read More

  • Where the Famous People Go on Vacation

    Where the Famous People Go on Vacation

    Celebrities are those idols we have in life who we really love to imitate in our lifestyle and even in our selection of a spot to go on a vacation. Even though we may not have such plans, it is really interesting and curious to find out where these people go to relax and have fun, right? These places represent Read More

  • 10 signs you really need a vacation from work

    10 signs you really need a vacation from work

    Whether your boss is trying to make you to take few days-off or you are feeling like going to visit your parents for a week, there is a reason why people need to get rest. You cannot work all the time. You can’t and you don’t have to. Sometimes, though, it becomes your own big problem to decide if you Read More


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