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  • Traveling around Europe on a budget

    Traveling around Europe on a budget

    We all dream of traveling the world, but what often stops us is money. What if I told you that’s just a stupid excuse? With the right research, planning and some helpful tips your dream can become a reality. Just don’t fall deep into scheming! Sure, gathering some info in advance is a reasonable choice, but remember to stay flexible Read More

  • 7 Portuguese dishes you should try

    7 Portuguese dishes you should try

    When you travel, food is not just for satisfying your hunger. It is part of the adventure, it is completely soaking up the culture and creating memories. If you are heading to Portugal and want to give the foodie in you a feast, here’s a list of the meals that you should not miss: Francesinha Originally from Porto, this meal Read More

  • Green mile tunnel

    15 Instagram worthy places in Europe

    It’s not a secret that Europe is home of some of the most picturesque locations in the world. Some of them gained notoriety with time, but there is still plenty of hidden treasures on The Old Continent, waiting for their spotlight on your Instagram account. But before you go and immerse into the deep unknown, let me give you a Read More

  • 5 things you must do on the island of Zakynthos

    5 things you must do on the island of Zakynthos

     Close your eyes and imagine the sea as a giant pool – how blue and transparent it is and think about the way you’re drinking your frappe and watching this amazing view! Now open them and come with me in the widest and deepest waters of the island of Zakynthos!  Once you catch a glimpse of its turquoise waters, you Read More

  • How to remain a princess on the road

    How to remain a princess on the road

    When we go traveling, we can’t afford to bring our whole wardrobe or clean out the whole shelf in front of our mirror. We can, however use a little bit of our imagination and put a little logic into our packing. Heels It is a good idea to devote a little time to the clothes we are taking with us. Read More

  • 10 Fun and Weird Facts About Travel You Haven’t Heard

    10 Fun and Weird Facts About Travel You Haven’t Heard

    As a travel lover you must be aware of all the important tips for a trip or hiking, as well as all the cool ideas for budget-friendly, but diverse and original vacation. However, it is almost certain that you have no idea about the next things you are going to hear. Here are 10 fun and weird facts about travel Read More

  • How to Spend Your Money When You Are on Vacation?

    How to Spend Your Money When You Are on Vacation?

    Being on a vacation is all about having fun, relaxing, visiting new and interesting places – having the time of your life. But just like in anything in life, a vacation costs money. Settling a budget for the trip is recommended. This will help you avoid the unpleasant situation of remaining with no money either during the holiday, or after Read More

  • Travel Like a Movie Star: Top Travel Destinations From Movies

    In 21st century there`s one mutual dream most people have – to be super stars! Show business has changed and influenced our lives so badly recently that it becomes a classical case for someone to try leaving in his or her favorite movie star`s shoes. This is a case, when people even try to visit the same place, to spend Read More

  • Turn On the Radio: The Best Travel Songs for Your Next Road Trip

    Turn On the Radio: The Best Travel Songs for Your Next Road Trip

    Good company, reliable vehicle, some snacks and beer (if you are not the driver), a map or your dream to travel without a direction… What else do you need for a nice road trip? Oh, of course – some good music to suit your mood! Today, we are making for the best music playlist ever – for your next road Read More

  • Where the Famous People Go on Vacation

    Where the Famous People Go on Vacation

    Celebrities are those idols we have in life who we really love to imitate in our lifestyle and even in our selection of a spot to go on a vacation. Even though we may not have such plans, it is really interesting and curious to find out where these people go to relax and have fun, right? These places represent Read More


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