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  • The green island Thassos

    The green island Thassos

    Called the Green Island, Thassos is a real slice of paradise – with olive groves, pines, cypress trees and evergreen shrubs. On the island itself there are several settlements with holiday houses and beautiful sea views. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake. Distances are small, nature is beautiful, so you can indulge in leisurely walks without purpose and Read More

  • 10 Music Festivals in Europe That Will Rock You

    10 Music Festivals in Europe That Will Rock You

    10 MUSIC FESTIVALS IN EUROPE THAT WILL ROCK YOU Summer is usually the season of lots of sun, long nights by the beach, carelessness, parties and music festivals! And some of the biggest and finest of them take place in Europe. Tomorrowland, Primavera Sound and Rock am Ring are just to name a few. Here’s a short run – down Read More

  • 7 Cities in Europe Perfect for a Weekend Getaway in July

    7 Cities in Europe Perfect for a Weekend Getaway in July

    Have no more free time or alternatives for days-off during July? This year`s summer vacation is shortened for you due to professional or personal obligations? Don`t worry – there is a great alternative for you to have a great time and still, spend only two days away. How about Europe? It has a lot to offer and a weekend is Read More

  • Prepare for the Summer! Here Are The Hottest Destinations This Year

    Prepare for the Summer! Here Are The Hottest Destinations This Year

    Drop the boring modern resorts and too-good-to-be-true holiday destinations this summer! Go to a different place,  skip the popular Miami Beach and meet new pieces of the world… You should face unknown cultures, touch things you never though that might exist… Hands up for the alternative summer holiday – attractive and educative, realistic and charming with its unique landmarks and spots Read More

  • 5 Exotic Destinations in the World

    5 Exotic Destinations in the World

    With every holiday you get a chance to explore this beautiful earth, experience new cultures and enjoy new sights. However, although there are so many destinations to be explored, yet sometime you may want to enjoy a place that is exotic. There are so many options available from tropical beaches to natural landscapes. Let’s find out the five most exotic Read More

  • Top 10 places to visit in Bulgaria this summer

    Top 10 places to visit in Bulgaria this summer

    A holiday in Bulgaria can be pretty rewarding mostly because you can find activity for every taste. This small, lion shaped country offers long sand beaches, high mountains, diverse climate, natural and cultural wonders, preserved traditions and many activities that will charge you with positive emotions and unforgettable memories. The diversity of Bulgarian gems will impress the most cold-hearted person. Read More


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