Islamic-Swimwear-for-Women-GreenThe common idea of what Muslim women are wearing is completely wrong. Very often they are even more fashionable than some European women. Many designers from the East presented lots of astonishing collections in the last years. But Muslims don’t look good only when they are walking on the street dressed in amazing ethereal dresses.

Not so long ago from Australia came an idea for swimwear for Islamic women – burqini.

That kind of swimsuit is covering the whole body and head, but not the face, hands and feet. It looks like a diving suit, but it is much more comfortable. Now in the stores you can find different models, made of different materials, mostly of UV-resistant Lycra and Spandex. Burqinis are also available in different colors, with prints and decorations. This kind of swimsuit does not exist in the Koran, but it makes going to the beach possible for Islamic women.

They can’t get a tan, but they are free to swim and enjoy the water and waves, coming over them. Burqinis are approved by Muslim clerics and the design is repeating the traditional clothing called burqa. The swimsuit is composed of two parts – pants and blouse with long sleeves which ends with a hood. Women, who have been interviewed, said that the swimwear was unexpectedly comfortable. The price that you have to pay for it is about 150$. Maybe you think it is a lot, but I can assure you that the fine for inappropriate clothing on the beach for Islamic women is much more than that.

What is curious about the topic is that in many countries there are special beaches for Muslim women. But some countries, like France, have forbidden wearing burqinis and also have judged Islamic women for not observing this. But on the whole the world is very tolerant about the swimsuit. The proof is that it was allowed to wear in the 2008 Olympic Games.