Carefully, she puts her make – up on. She straightens her hair, combs it and put on her favourite high heels. Then she looks at the mirror one last time, smiles and puts her sunglasses on.

Sunglasses. The ultimate accessory. I see women wearing them, even during the night. Of course, their true purpose is to protect you from the Sun and its dangerous rays. However, is this the only reason people wear them? For me, sunglasses are a way of putting a border between you and others. You put them and your eyes become invisible. Since the eyes are considered the path to the Soul, in a way, with sunglasses on, you subconsciously tell the world you want to be left alone.


I also think, people hide behind them. And this can be for various reasons. I see celebrities wearing sunglasses all the time, when out in the public. This is one way to protect themselves from their picture taken.  It is also a way to avoid unwanted glances. Somehow sunglasses protect you from people staring at you, if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I know a person, who was subject to abuse, so she wore sunglasses all the time, to cover the bruises around her eyes. People couldn’t see her eyes, so they wouldn’t judge her. I think ultimately, sunglasses are a way for us to avoid judgement. The less other people see us, the less they will focus on us and try to find flaws.

I, myself have to admit, I wear them when I feel down or unattractive. I also feel that if I don’t wear them, people can “look through” my eyes and see deep into my Soul and know what I am thinking or feeling. And this thought can be very scary. I wear them rarely, but when I do, I know I want to be invisible.

What do you wear sunglasses for?