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Crete is a top destination in Greece and one of the most gorgeous islands in the world. But Crete also keeps the heritage of one of the most powerful and ancient civilizations – the Minoan. That magnificent place will take you to a journey through the centuries.

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Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, covered with inaccessible hills and rocky shores, Crete expects you with a huge variety of cultural troves. All over the island you will feel the sultry rays of the sun, the scent of jasmine and the unique exotic atmosphere – only a Greek island can provide you that combination. Dive into your trip and rediscover the diversity that Crete offers you step by step.


Almost everyone relate Crete with the legendary town Knossos where is situated the most famous landmark on the island – the Palace of the Minoans. Although there is no consensus about the function of the palace, your walk along the awesome rooms full of bright murals, statues and potteries will take you back in time. Heraklion – the Crete’s capital – is a magnet for all guests of the island. There you can visit the Archeological museum, the St. Mark’s basilica and the Morosini fountain. If you want to feel the classic atmosphere of the island you should visit the small town Aghios Nikolaos. There you will fall on about 20 small settlements, clustered on the shore of a small lagoon. There is also a picturesque park, an amphitheater and secluded beaches. In the central part of Aghios Nikolaos you will see a small lake called Voulismeni, which is considered to be a place where the Greek goddess Athena bathed.

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No matter which part of the island you decide to visit, everywhere you will be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.  Let Crete fascinate your heart and don’t hesitate to come back there again and again every time you can!

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