If you are an admirer of ski sports and vacations during the winter, it will be a sin, if you don’t visit the Italian Alps.

During the cold months you can delight in the blinding, perfectly white and fluffy snow. Fortunately this place is perfect for holidays also in the summer. You can escape from the heat in the city and transfer yourself to a better place, which offers you fresh air and pleasant walks among green forests. You will be fascinated by the view – the sun shining on the majestic Alps and reflecting them in the limpid lakes. Throughout the whole year there are local people, wearing leather pants, singing Tyrolean songs and playing zithers. The incredible symbiosis between tradition and novelty will charm you and make you love that heaven place.


Situated at 2035m high Sestriere is one of a kind ski resort. Lots of ski competitions have been organized there but the great one was in 2006, when the resort was chosen to host the Winter Olympic Games. The Tour de France is also held there very often. Sestriere is part of the Milky Way ski area, which is one of the biggest in Europe. The length of the tracks there is more than 400 km, and most of the ski slopes have artificial snow. What is unique about Sestriere is the possibility to practice different sports at night.

sestriere_2_l1-hellomyholidayRegardless of your abilities, you can practice different sports, because the resort has tracks for both beginners and advanced. If you are not provided with the right equipment – ski and snowboards,    there a lots of stores where you can buy or hire it. Except the affordable prices, you will get also excellent service. If you decide to go in Sestriere in the summer, don’t worry! When it is sunny and you want to go to a peaceful and quiet place, the resort is one perfect choice.


This place is suitable for golf; you can also ride a bike where Lance Armstrong has!

That heaven nook can provide you everything – from skiing to restaurants with live performances. Go there and take it all! Everything that you need is Waterproofing, Windproofing, Breathable and Insulated ski equipment.


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