rome-built-in-a-day-308x204Rome is one of the most magnificent cities in the whole world. Is it believed that the Italy’s capital was found in 753 B.C. by Romulus after he killed his brother Remus. In the following centuries Rome grown into a strong empire. Just like the ancient city now it is situated on seven hills. Rome’s center is part of the UNESCO list for world cultural heritage with his wonderful palaces, ruins, gorgeous statues and thousands of years old basilicas. Italy’s capital is one of a kind. Except the unique cultural heritage Rome offers also superb squares and various marketplaces. Designer clothes, delicious ice-cream, foamy cappuccino and fragrant wines – a small part of everything you can try in the city.

spanish-steps-rome-322x242The truth is that you will need months to see everything in The Eternal City, because at every turn there is something new and intriguing, which hides a lot of history in it. There are some top destinations and definitely every Rome’s guest must visit them. The Coliseum is the biggest amphitheater in Ancient Rome. There were held games, battles between animals and of course gladiator fights. St. Peter’s Basilica is in Vatican and it is the central holly place of the Roman Catholic Church. It is also the most significant church for all Christians. The Vatican Museums were found in the 16th century. In 11 museums is concentrated a huge historical heritage. The Sistine

trevi_317x198Chapel is a mandatory stop during your tour there. The Chapel is the official residence of the Pope and was painted by one of the greatest artists ever – Michelangelo. Other extraordinary places to visit in Rome are the Pantheon, the Roman forum, the Trevi Fountain and many, many others.

There is no such place in the world, which has so many masterpieces and landmarks like Rome. If you have the pleasure to visit it don’t forget to throw a coin into the Trevi fountain – then you can be sure that someday Rome will welcome you again.


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