There is nothing better than a musical background to make a trip even more special. It doesn’t matter whether you can’t live without music or you don’t usually pay much attention to it. Everybody feels the magic of music when it is going hand in hand with a special moment. And what is more special than an exciting trip with an exciting musical accompaniment.

Getting there:

The beginning of a trip is usually the most exciting part by far. The anticipation in the air and the excitement pumping through your veins calls for some epic music. At moments like this you should put on something lively. There should be a lot of drums and guitars! The rhythm should be wild and the pace fast and spontaneous. Most importantly – the lyrics should be known by everybody! You can try “Best of the year” playlist for example. Then, you can let the grooving begin! Singing, laughing and having fun-while you’re coming nearer to your final destination with every beat of the music and every milestone passed by. Yet, don’t let the fun intoxicate your head! Drive responsibly!

Stopping by:

You all know those sights that just take your breath away and make you vibrant with excitement! It could be a magnificent view of a city from atop or an exceptional architectural masterpiece, maybe a piece of art that touches the deepest places of your soul. At these moments you just feel your mind at ease.  The only thing that can add up to those moments is a magical musical instrumental that is close to your heart. Classical music or epic movie soundtracks are also an amazing idea. Good examples are Chopin’s great masterpieces or Hans Zimmer’s amazing soundtracks.

Getting together:

After a long day of traveling, sightseeing or whatever you have gone on a trip for, comes that peaceful moment when friends, acquaintances or family, sit around the table and just talk and tell stories. This is the ideal time for classical rock for example. Something like Metallica or Scorpions would be great! At moments like this people like to talk about the past. This is why it is a good idea to listen to songs that were popular a while ago. This way you are sharing memories while creating them.

Going home:

Undoubtedly you can listen to good music almost the whole time, while tripping. There is only one part from the whole experience that doesn’t go well with the lyrics of our favorite song. When coming back, everyone is exhausted, hence not in the mood for any loud sounds. Therefore, you have the freedom to put on any kind of music that you like, because no one is going to listen to it anyway! You can put on something chill and relaxing. Good music is never a bad idea!