Ibiza Island is best known by its exoticism. The exotic of sunrises, the white cliffs into the sea, the magnetism of sunsets – these are probably the most used expressions in terms of the magnetism of this destination. The uniqueness of Ibiza, however, lies in its natural beauty and historical sights, as well as in its climate. No matter when you go to Ibiza, you will not regret – in the worst case it would be just cool – about 15 degrees. The summer heats are beyond compare – the highest temperatures are about 30 degrees. Mediterranean beach and climate, but there is a bonus more – all the dangerous reptiles and venomous spiders that you have heard about in exotic places like this, in the Ibiza Island are missing. The peace and freedom to have a rest are complete only in Ibiza. No killer temperatures, there is no danger of deadly bites – just relax.

Cala de Sant Vicent on the North East of Ibiza, Spain

The nightlife that everyone has heard about, is accompanied by water blow-outs and parties with foam. The unique entertainment places, known for the “wet programs”, will offer you all the enjoyments of the nightlife and the hottest DJs in the whole world. The evening, however, must begin after you have visited the Café del Mar, where you will see the most unique and unforgettable sunset which you have not even dreamed of. Freedom and harmony, complete indulgence in relaxation and everything you need to rediscover yourself – this is the White Island .


Freedom, however, is immeasurable category. The freedom not to sleep, the freedom to rediscover the natural beauty – this is Ibiza. The freedom to eat whatever you want – this is also Ibiza. It offers dishes from all over the world – and does not miss even fast foods. If you want to try the traditional for the island fish meal and mint cheesecake – you just have to order them.
The road to freedom surely leads to Ibiza Island, because it can give you everything you need, whether it comes to food, beautiful scenery or nightlife.


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