Embrace your Greek vacation

Rhodes is one of the most famous Greek resorts and even that is a quite remarkable fact considering that Greece has several thousand islands and some of them have the reputation of high class sea resorts. However, the tourism in Greece is one of the sectors that was hit most by the crisis so you can find very good deals in Rhodes as many hotels have lowered their prices.


Truly, Rhodes would have been even more famous if it had managed to keep one of the original Seven Wonders of the World – the Colossus of Rhodes. Even so, for many centuries, Rhodes was an important trading port in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The island played a significant role in the history of this region, and in its zenith, reached high literature and art recognition in the Ancient World. Painting, sculpture, poetry, philosophy, astronomy, physics and geography reached its climax on Rhodes. Soon after its founding, the city of Rhodes not only concentrated the cultural life of the region, but also created favorable conditions for the stay of artists from other areas.

Mediterranean landscape, Rhodes (Greece)

Much of the architecture, sculptures and paintings from ancient times have been preserved and they can be seen if you visit the island. The sandy beaches, the nature of the island and the great facilities for tourists make it a place which can be matched only by few resorts. And the history of Rhodes is very rich – there are different myths but all of them point out that the island has its roots in the very core of the Greek mythology as its founders are believed to have been direct descendants of the Greek gods! And unlike many other Greek resorts, which are not so accessible, Rhodes has great connections with the rest of the continent.