When we go traveling, we can’t afford to bring our whole wardrobe or clean out the whole shelf in front of our mirror. We can, however use a little bit of our imagination and put a little logic into our packing.


It is a good idea to devote a little time to the clothes we are taking with us. Sorting out outfits for each separate day of the trip will surely do you some good. This way you can save up time for sightseeing. Also, since you weren’t in a hurry in the morning, you saved yourself the embarrassment of walking with two different socks the whole day. As a result you will feel more confident and comfortable.


Makeup, it is never unnecessary, but it can sure get too much. While you are on the road you cannot afford to constantly look in the mirror and you will likely not have a lot of time to refresh. This is why you need to ease up on the brush and stick to basics. Furthermore, you are going to save time and lighten your luggage.


As far as it goes for luggage, this is the part which you should consider the most. Since bag-packs are in fashion these days, we are some lucky travelers. There are some mandatory items, which should never be left out. For instance, a pack of handkerchiefs can always save the day. It is vital to have your deodorant with you, yet if you happen to forget it or drop it in a volcano, wet wipes can be a perfect substitute. Another thing I would definitely recommend is baby powder. That’s right! This product might just be earth’s equivalent to fairy dust. It can repair almost anything-from bad hair to bad makeup. It can even come in handy as first aid.

It is easy to look good while you are traveling as long as you plan ahead and take a little time to do your luggage right! In case you don’t have that time or you forget your concealer, it doesn’t matter anyway! You are pretty without make up too! Look out the window and enjoy the view!