Seeing Kate Moss wear your product frequently, must definitely tell you something. Yes, you did create a very qualified one. Your product being the BIGGEST seller in its category in the world since 1937, must also speak to you. Yes, you did extremely well promoting it.  However, having the President of the United States wear it a lot – well, that must literally scream to you what you created it in another league – a league of its own.

And what is the exact product? You may have already guessed – the Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Without underestimating the quality of the sunglasses, a huge part of the success of this brand is based on the clever advertising. Their 2007 “Never Hide” campaign, which proved to be an instant hit, is a great example of perfect marketing strategy. It consists of several YouTube clips and one short film, all showing musicians such as Slash from Guns N’Roses, wearing the sunglasses, live on stage. The idea behind the campaign is “Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never Hide”

It is about living according to your Inner truth. Living, according to your real, authentic nature and raising above the judgment of the others. And this is where the creativity of the brand lies – live your life as you wish WHILE wearing Ray- Ban sunglasses. In general, sunglasses are a way of hiding your true self: literally hiding from the Sun and symbolically – hiding from the judgement of others. You put your sunglasses on and suddenly – you are invisible, you are shielded from the critical eyes of others.

But in this case, the message is totally the opposite – wear sunglasses to STAND OUT, to express your originality. In the campaign, the musician wear sunglasses to further capture the attention of the fans. And no matter what might critics say, yes, this is clever – because first, it is unexpected and second, because it teaches you can turn your weakness ( as hidden by wearing sunglasses) into your strength ( as amplified by wearing sunglasses)

One accessory – two different meanings.