Drop the boring modern resorts and too-good-to-be-true holiday destinations this summer! Go to a different place,  skip the popular Miami Beach and meet new pieces of the world… You should face unknown cultures, touch things you never though that might exist…

Hands up for the alternative summer holiday – attractive and educative, realistic and charming with its unique landmarks and spots to check in! Prepare for the summer in advance, so you can get the cheapest accommodation and plain ticket offers and see the hottest destinations this summer:


This heaven in Latin America meet the cheap prices with ancient heritage of mystery, gorgeousness and military might. Machu Picchu should be definitely in everyone`s checklist for sights to see till death – right next to the classical Eiffel tower, Big Ben and so on.

Though, don`t fall in the trap that it`s only Machu what can be seen and enjoyed here. Actually, a summer in Peru can be really refreshing – with tasty cuisine, sunny climate and great shopping alternatives!

Bornholm in Denmark

Who would think a summer in Denmark can be so fascinating and remarkable? Well, only those of you who have visited the great deserted island of Bornholm – Scandinavian masterpiece of enormous sandy paths, pale beach side, exquisite local dishes served in design view, hiking options and of course, the nearby Butterfly Park!


Kotor, Montenegro

If you live in the Balkans you are supposed to know that this is indeed one of the most luxurious summer holiday countries in the region. People, who live outside the region, though, still believe that there are wars here. But the ruins and damaged buildings are gone, because today Montenegro welcomes you into a real fairy tale of pleasant nature – wide meadows, cool rivers and even expensive yacht clubs alongside the romantic beach coast!

Alentejo in Portugal

What we really love about Portugal is the beautiful combination of cheap delicious wine, creative art amenities, nice warm people and outstanding beaches. There are plenty of these in Alentejo, which is also a very popular national cultural and historical center for Roman and Arab landmarks sightseeing. Don`t forget to try the local smoked meats – the specialties of Alentejo!


The tickets to Iceland become quite cheap in summer and we do know that this is one of the most expensive European tourist destination. There is no need to explain what a different, weird and in many ways pleasant country to both – live and relax in!



According to the statistics summer 2016 will move all common and traditional tourists in Turkey and Greece to Bulgaria, this little piece of gem that mixes pretty rural eco villages, impressive mountainous attractions and amazing seaside. It`s strange… tourists must have had fallen in love with this country really long time ago!


Last, but not least, something really popular and common, but never too boring to be considered – India. It will cost you really little to spend 10 days there! And if you are so keen on sunbathing or hot parties, Goa is so nearby! Visit it for sure!

The summer is almost here and you should already start planning your warm, sunny holiday for this year! Whatever destination you choose, you won’t regret it as long as you are prepared and open to new experiences.

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