Enjoy the versatility of Portugal

One of the first associations that would come to mind when we talk about Portugal is exotica. Although that might have been the case 27 years ago when the country was not part of the European Union, things have changed greatly ever since. The country has great flight connections with the rest of Europe and anyone could enjoy the sandy beaches and the rich culture of Portugal.


And there is really a lot to do and see! Portugal is one of the hottest countries in Europe and you can get sandy beaches, crystal water and hot temperatures virtually at any time. And you do not need to go to another continent to do that! There are countless places which are worth visiting. For example, you cannot miss the capital Lisbon which combines preserved architecture from many different epochs. You are literally surrounded by myriads of Gothic, Baroque, Modern and many other buildings from different styles. You can visit numerous museums and enjoy culture and sport events. Porto is the second biggest city and it also deserves your attention with its rich history. Algarve is one of the most famous resorts in Portugal and can always offer you the best in terms of beaches, sun and fun. However, it faces serious competition from Madeira and the Azores. They are not less attractive than Algarve and appeal to tourists who like to be surrounded by water during their summer vacation.

And what is more – Portuguese are very friendly, very open, ready to party and talkative. They would welcome you as an old friend even if you visit the country for a first time.  And it is more than sure that once you visit it, you will always long to get back there.