With its vibrant atmosphere, centuries old history, interesting culture and impressive views Plovdiv is one of those cities you should see at least once in your lifetime. This is the second largest city in Bulgaria, located just an hour away from the capital Sofia. Plovdiv is very well connected not only with the rest of the country but with the rest of Europe too as there is also an airport in the city. Keep reading to find out why Plovdiv should be your next holiday destination.

Plovdiv is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Europe and some even say it’s the oldest one. The city’s various historical, cultural and architecture heritage is due to the numerous conquests among which by Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, etc.  Ancient discoveries can be found almost everywhere in the city.

Recently Plovdiv was named the European Capital of Culture in 2019 which will revive the art and cultural atmosphere of the city in the next years.

One of the most significant places in Plovdiv without a doubt is the Old Town. Passing through the cobbled streets with ancient buildings adapted to the modern life will make you feel the true spirit of the Bulgarian Revival Period as you were walking hundreds years back in time. You can take a look at many interesting houses from the Bulgarian Revival Period here.

The complex also show traces of different cultures with many well-preserved remains. Among them is the famous Roman Theater which became one of the symbols of Plovdiv. It is a very well preserved Amphitheater constructed during the rule of Emperor Trajan and is still used for different performances.

The most interesting fact is that the Old town is still part of modern-day Plovdiv. The buildings are adjusted to the needs and the ideas of the new generation making the Old town somehow “new” and not letting it disappear.

Another fascinating site from the Roman period is the Roman Stadium located in the heart of the city. Just under the central walking boulevard you can see part of the remainings. It is known that there are only 12 such stadiums in the world and this one was designed after the famous one at Delphi.

The Old Town of Plovdiv is situated on three of the seven hills in the city. From one of them – Nebet hill, a great panoramic view to the city is opening up in front of you and definitely should be on your to-see list while you’re there.

Walking the central boulevard is also a must-do. You can experience the lively, kind of bohemian atmosphere with many young people passing by, artistic cafes and little restaurants. The city garden with the newly reopened Singing Fountains is also a nice spot for a break.

When you come on a holiday to Bulgaria there are some places you simply can’t miss. Because of the perfect combination of culture, history, art and modern Plovdiv is one of those places. Make sure to visit Plovdiv after your perfect holiday in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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