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  • 5 Myths About Traveling

    5 Myths About Traveling

    Traveling is indeed one of the most meaningful and exciting way to spend your free to time, to spend your savings. But only the real travelers know that there are rules and on the contrary – wrong things we are deluded from before becoming adventurers – about traveling in general. That`s what we are going to talk about today. Check Read More

  • 10 tips for your next vacation in Paris

    10 tips for your next vacation in Paris

    Paris is the dream destination of all times to many. Girls just love imagining how they are sitting right next to the Eiffel Tower drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and eating croissants, while waiting for their boyfriends to come from that store on Champs-Elysee with the earrings they have chosen the previous day. But as you know quite well, a vacation Read More

  • Inspiring Interview with world travellers Laura and Tanbay

    Inspiring Interview with world travellers Laura and Tanbay

    Every now and then we hear stories about people who leave their corporate life and take a lifelong vacation travelling the world. Those people are living the dream and they are a true inspiration for all of us.  Today we are going to introduce you to two young travellers who left the “ordinary” life and decide to embark on an Read More

  • 10 Weird and Fun Facts About Germany You Didn’t Know

    10 Weird and Fun Facts About Germany You Didn’t Know

    Germany has been always a country that arise a significant curiosity mostly in people from Eastern Europe, Latin America and The States since the nearby countries are closer to German culture and traditions. However, we are sure that most people regardless their residence did not know the following 10 weird and fun facts about Germany: 1. Germans are the second Read More

  • Top 6 Budget-Friendly Destinations for 2016

    Top 6 Budget-Friendly Destinations for 2016

    Sometimes, when planning a vacation, it`s not the destination or the activity plan you choose, but the deal you succeed to make. Getting an awesome and affordable offer for a splendid time away from work and from home can be super exciting and healthy experience. But finding budget-friendly destinations in our world isn’t that easy. Today, we are focusing your Read More

  • Hotel Dream – ideal place for your holiday in Sofia

    Hotel Dream – ideal place for your holiday in Sofia

    If you plan a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, choosing the right hotel for your business or leisure trip can be a downright overwhelming task. It is important to consider many factors before booking such as location, price, facilities, staff. With hundreds of choices in this vibrant European capital it is very important to make the right choice. According to many Read More

  • 5 Exotic Destinations in the World

    5 Exotic Destinations in the World

    With every holiday you get a chance to explore this beautiful earth, experience new cultures and enjoy new sights. However, although there are so many destinations to be explored, yet sometime you may want to enjoy a place that is exotic. There are so many options available from tropical beaches to natural landscapes. Let’s find out the five most exotic Read More

  • 7 Extraordinary Castles to Visit in the World

    7 Extraordinary Castles to Visit in the World

    There are so many castles in the world. Each and every one of them has its own story. It may not be possible to know about all of them but let’s find out seven which are interesting in their own way. 1. The Potala Palace: Tibet’s greatest monumental structure This palace is the greatest monumental structure found in Tibet. It Read More

  • Top 10 cities to visit in 2016

    Top 10 cities to visit in 2016

    2016 is just in its beginning and what better time of the year to start planning your next holiday. Luckily, Lonely Planet has some great recommendations for top 10 cities to visit in 2016. Get your travel plans for the next year ready with the following travel treasures: 1. Kotor, Montenegro Kotor is a small picturesque gem in Montenegro. Its Read More

  • The 5 best free museums in London

    The 5 best free museums in London

    Most of the biggest and the best tourism destinations usually meet people with numerous free attractions and activities to entertain with. There`s no doubt that London is such a destination. Even though comparatively expensive tourist place, London has some budget-friendly alternatives, as well. The British capital is, as a matter of fact, full of free attractions. You can even find museums Read More


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