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  • Teeth Whitening – Home Kits

    Teeth Whitening – Home Kits

    Having a beautiful smile is something that can give opportunities you never imagined. Every person can achieve this by taking care of his teeth. There are lots of factors, which cause discoloration of teeth and spots on them. On the market you can found a great variety of teeth whitening kits, which you can try at home. They give wonderful Read More

  • Skin Care

    Skin Care

    In these busy days it seems like most of the women don’t take the necessary care for their skin. This applies mostly to our face’s skin, which is very tender, it is exposed all the time and with the years it becomes drier, loses its fresh color and look. The best way to protect our skin is by using sunscreens. Read More

  • Ski Equipment – from beginners to masters

    Ski Equipment – from beginners to masters

    What to consider when choosing your ski equipment? Ski equipment is meant to help all ski fans and people who just want to try the sport. The excellent ski equipment is very important for anyone who is fond of skiing, starting from people who get on the ski for the first time or people who spend most of their time Read More

  • The Island of Capri – history and charm

    The Island of Capri – history and charm

    Capri is a rocky island in the Tyhhrenian Sea, located near Naples and Sorrento and not far away from the ancient Pompeii and the magnificent Vesuvius. The nature of Capri is a combination between thick greenery, low mountains and sea views with beautiful bays and rock formations. In the past the island was inhabited by Greeks and Romans and that Read More

  • Welcome to Santorini, the ancient island

    Welcome to Santorini, the ancient island

    Back to the past with Santorini Santorini is the main island in an island group with the same name. The most famous sight are undoubtedly the excavations of a Bronze Age settlement, attributable to the Minoan civilization of Crete due to the use of hieroglyphic writing A and strong similarities in artifacts and styles of the murals. The presence of Read More

  • Rhodes – create your own myth

    Rhodes – create your own myth

    Embrace your Greek vacation Rhodes is one of the most famous Greek resorts and even that is a quite remarkable fact considering that Greece has several thousand islands and some of them have the reputation of high class sea resorts. However, the tourism in Greece is one of the sectors that was hit most by the crisis so you can Read More

  • Greek Islands

    Greek Islands

    Greek islands are one of the most preferred destinations for a wonderful vacation, not only in the summer, but also in other seasons. Before you make a decision to visit that incredible part of the world, you have to know what to expect. And the answer is one – everything. Whether you want a historical trip or a relaxing one, Read More

  • Turkey would stay forever in your heart

    Turkey would stay forever in your heart

    Turkey is more than beaches and Istanbul For centuries, the beauty and the treasures of Turkey have been hidden for the foreigners due to the strict laws in the Ottoman Empire. Well, you can have a deep breath – they are not anymore and you can see the country magnificence in places which were totally unknown to the wide public Read More

  • Rome – the city of Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and unforgettable moments

    Rome – the city of Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and unforgettable moments

    Rome is one of the most magnificent cities in the whole world. Is it believed that the Italy’s capital was found in 753 B.C. by Romulus after he killed his brother Remus. In the following centuries Rome grown into a strong empire. Just like the ancient city now it is situated on seven hills. Rome’s center is part of the Read More

  • Portugal – magic of sandy beaches and rich culture

    Portugal – magic of sandy beaches and rich culture

    Enjoy the versatility of Portugal One of the first associations that would come to mind when we talk about Portugal is exotica. Although that might have been the case 27 years ago when the country was not part of the European Union, things have changed greatly ever since. The country has great flight connections with the rest of Europe and Read More


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