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  • Norwegian Fjords cruises – The wonders of Norway

    Norwegian Fjords cruises – The wonders of Norway

    Where does Nature fit into your busy schedule nowadays? Do you have the time to go out and sit under a tree, or lie down at night, to watch the stars? No, right? Life is so stressful today that we barely have time to do out duties. Yet, the only person we go against that way, is ourselves. We all Read More

  • Sunglasses


    Carefully, she puts her make – up on. She straightens her hair, combs it and put on her favourite high heels. Then she looks at the mirror one last time, smiles and puts her sunglasses on. Sunglasses. The ultimate accessory. I see women wearing them, even during the night. Of course, their true purpose is to protect you from the Read More

  • Dubai – 8th wonder of the world

    Dubai – 8th wonder of the world

    It is alarming to see the transformation that could happen in just 50 years.  Imagine the following scenario: a desert, few tribes, living in huts, made from palm-fronds, and whose main occupancy is fishing and pearl searching and main transportation – camel riding. Now, imagine the same place few decades later – skyscrapers, population of more than 2 million people, Read More

  • Tenerife-Discover more about this sunshine island

    Tenerife-Discover more about this sunshine island

    Tenerife is the most populated island of the Canary Islands, with population of 800 000 people. Much of the territory can not be used for living because of the specific topography. This exactly, however, fascinates the tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunny weather. Uplands, volcanic hills and sandy beaches create an incredible sense of divine intervention. Read More

  • Montserrat Monastery or the spiritual and cultural center of Spain

    Montserrat Monastery or the spiritual and cultural center of Spain

    Spain is famous with its historic sights and rich cultural heritage. It is one of the most coveted destinations for millions of tourists . The place where, however, we can see besides unique creations of some of the most famous artists, as well as the wonders of nature, which has created an array of rocks, it is the Montserrat Monastery. Read More

  • The road to freedom surely leads to Ibiza Island

    The road to freedom surely leads to Ibiza Island

    Ibiza Island is best known by its exoticism. The exotic of sunrises, the white cliffs into the sea, the magnetism of sunsets – these are probably the most used expressions in terms of the magnetism of this destination. The uniqueness of Ibiza, however, lies in its natural beauty and historical sights, as well as in its climate. No matter when Read More

  • Costa del Sol – the earthly paradise

    Costa del Sol – the earthly paradise

    Costa del Sol is a region of Southern Spain, part of the Autonomous Andalusia. This enchanting place provides the visitors 320 sunny days during the year, which makes it a desirable place to relax at any time. The nature of Costa del Sol is famous for its beautiful beaches as well as for the small bays in the eastern part Read More

  • To work and live in the Canary Islands

    To work and live in the Canary Islands

    Whenever mentioning the Canary Islands, every time we think of the beautiful beaches , the yellow sand and the paradise climate. A holiday on the Canaries is perhaps a dream for everyone. Many of us, however, want to stay in this memorable place forever. To live in these magical islands is like part of a fairy tale. If you are Read More

  • visit Barcelona – the pride of the Catalans

    visit Barcelona – the pride of the Catalans

    Catalans do not just love Barcelona, they are really proud of it. And there are good reasons for that. Once visiting this beautiful city, there is no way not to be filled with admiration and great impressions. Not just sightseeing, but truly unique creations of the human mind and talent make you dumb. The cathedral La Sagrada Familia can really Read More

  • Teeth Whitening – Home Kits

    Teeth Whitening – Home Kits

    Having a beautiful smile is something that can give opportunities you never imagined. Every person can achieve this by taking care of his teeth. There are lots of factors, which cause discoloration of teeth and spots on them. On the market you can found a great variety of teeth whitening kits, which you can try at home. They give wonderful Read More


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