Where does Nature fit into your busy schedule nowadays? Do you have the time to go out and sit under a tree, or lie down at night, to watch the stars? No, right? Life is so stressful today that we barely have time to do out duties. Yet, the only person we go against that way, is ourselves. We all need to find the time for a little (or not so little J ) getaway.

Fjord scenery

Nature represents stillness, calmness, eternity, perfection. Being in Nature is being one with our true self, is connecting to our Origin. One way to blend with Nature is to take a cruise. Water is also a natural remedy for stress-releasing.

One of the best cruises in the world is the Norwegian Fjords Cruise. Those cruises offer the unique chance to experience the wonders of Norway. Have you ever been there? It is breath-taking. The fjords are inlets, created by glacier cuts in valleys, filled with water. They have been created for millions of years and are a must – see. The ship moves really close to the rocks, so, you can really see the fjords from up close. You also experience the magnificent waterfalls, the glaciers, the steep mountains. You can see birds like the Arctic Loon, the Puffin, the White – winged Redstart, animals like reindeer or artic foxes or polar bears  or sea creatures like whales, seals, walrus, porpoises. Two of Norways’ fjords (Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord)  are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is worth seeing them. In the mountains, there are picturesque villages that the tourist can go and explore.

The magazine National Geographic Traveler rated the Western Norwegian fjords as the world’s best travel destination.

So, what are you waiting for?

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