When you think about the French cuisine you cannot help but think about desserts that will just draw you in by their appeal. One typical French characteristic that can be said not to be a cliché is that French people love food.

This love is more focused on baked products, pastries and desserts. In any reputable hotel kitchen across the world you will hear words like pâte chouxcrème patissière or brisee these are all renowned dishes that employ French cooking.

The most beloved French desserts have a close connection to French history with recipes that are too many by any count. The French have for long been a sophisticated people who appreciate anything good thing the world has to offer.

Whether you buy the sweets from a street side seller or you cozy yourself in a fancy restaurant over a candle lit dinner, French style, you can’t miss to spoil yourself with these desserts:

You cannot talk about French desserts without talking about chocolate. Be it brownies, chocolate soufflé, truffles or chocolate cake these are all desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth. However if you are not after something sweet like chocolate you can find different French desserts that have varying degrees of sweet to your satisfaction.


If you do not want to go out for any of these must try French desserts you can cook up yourself a simple dessert like the classic chocolate mousse. You can enjoy over the week or even pack some left over to have during your lunch hour at work.

If you are more confident of your cooking skills you can have your friends over for a fancy dinner where you can wow your guests with rich crème brûlée.


Another beloved French dessert you must try is the iconic Macaron – a real heaven for the sweet lovers. Macarons can be found in a wide range of different flavors. You cannot visit France and miss the opportunity to taste these traditional sweets.

Eclairs is another pastry that you must try when you are in France. Whether with vanilla, chocolate, fruit or coffee flavor, eclairs are the real deal.

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