A good holiday can’t be really fulfilled without visiting any natural sights. The good thing about Bulgaria is that the country is so rich of such wonders that you won’t be able to resist the need to see all of them.

There are places where you can’t do anything else but be in awe of Mother Nature. Most of these places are so spectacular that you can sit for hours and hours staring at their glory. There are many places like these but here are the top natural phenomenons in Bulgaria you must see when you are around:

Prohodna cave

Prohodna cave is one of the most spectacular places in Bulgaria. It is not easy to get to the cave as the route is not well marked but you won’t be disappointed if you go there. The cave is in a form of a natural bridge with two entrances.

It is most famous for the perfectly eye-shaped symmetrical holes in the ceiling. That’s why the cave is also known as “The Eyes of God”. In a good day you can see the light entering the cave through the “eyes”. When it rains it looks like the eyes are “crying”. It is definitely a must-see!

Wonderful bridges

This natural phenomenon is located in the beautiful Rhodope mountains in a quite remote place. You can get there only by car. The narrow road which leads to the Wonderful Bridges is a deviation of the main road and is some half an hour off of it.

This natural sight is a rock formation which was once one big open cave. With time the cave cracked and formed these unique bridges. The area is quite and definitely deserves your attention.


Belogradchik rocks

Belogradcik rocks are another formation of strangely shaped rocks which attracts visitors from all over Bulgaria. The rocks are surrounded by Belogradchik Fortress which existed since Roman times to control the passing road.

Now the main attraction remains the rocks. Their unique forms are the reason for their strange names such as the Dervish, the Bear, Adam and Eve, etc.

Pobiti kamani

Pobiti kamani is a natural phenomenon situated close to the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. The sigh is often referred as the Stone Forest but the literal meaning of Pobiti kamani is ‘Hammered stones’. The stones are literally like rising out of the sand as if someone has hammered them.

Some of the stones are lined up in rows which question their natural origins. In ancient times some even thought that the areа has sacred meaning. Whatever their history is, the stones astonish every curious soul.

Pobiti Kamani Bulgaria

Melnishki piramidi

Over the small town of Melnik in southwest Bulgaria arises another spectacular natural phenomenon – the Melnik Pyramids. These are sand pyramids often attracts many tourists from in and out of the country. Their unique different shapes resemble swords, stone mushrooms, Egyptian pyramids, etc. The view from the town with the typical revival houses with red ceilings is indescribable!

These are just a glimpse of Bulgarian natural wonders but pretty much describe the variety of unique sights the country has to offer. Bulgaria in general hides its beauty very well but once you get to know her she will show you magical places like these ones.

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