Monaco is a city-state, the smallest country in the world after Vatican. The principality is nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and France and it has taken the best from all this places. Monaco is one of the most exquisite and luxury destinations. Even the most fastidious tourists are fascinated by this heaven nook.  The restaurants, the hotels, every part of the principality are so neat and perfect that you can talk about it only with admiration. Everything, even the smallest café, expresses grace and style. Monaco has impressive infrastructure, which is elaborated to the tiniest detail. In the shiniest and the richest part of the city-state is situated the Monte Carlo neighborhood.  Every year a round of Formula 1 is held there. There is no way for you to go there and stay isolated. There are so many people who are looking for social contacts and new friendships. Although Monaco is famous mostly for its casinos, there is a lot more to be seen.

Monaco Ville is the old part of the city-state. Chiefly it is a pedestrian zone, where you can see preserved building from the Middle Ages against the magnificent background of this place. There are the Prince’s Palace, the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the City hall and the Oceanographic museum and aquarium.

Monaco, 16/09/11Monaco Classic Week 2011Day 2Photo: © Carlo Borlenghi

You can enter the Grand Casino only with a passport. Also you will have to pay an entry tax, which can be between 30 and hundreds of euros depending on which hall do you want to go to. If you want to gamble there, you better take a large amount of money with you. But if you are not this hazard type, for a small fee you just can go into the casino and see how far people can go in their desire for gain.

Every year the streets of Monaco host the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The places for viewers are never enough, so many of the local people rent their balconies at a price between 8 000 and 140 000 euros for 4 days.


There you can also visit the picturesque beach Larvotto, a small piece of the French Riviera, and the Museum of Napoleon, part of the Prince’s Palace.

It’s the same if you say Monaco or luxury, sophistication and entertainment.  Visit it and rush into the exciting way of life, which never stops.