0000OC-Portofino-100000Have you ever wished to go on a trip where you can enjoy both luxury and tradition? If you have, the best option for you is to go on a Mediterranean Cruise. That magnificent vacation will bring you unforgettable moments and emotions, which you will remember until the rest of your life. Shining sun, vast seas and gentle breeze will fascinate you and invite you to come again.

If you decide to make yourself an incredible gift like that, you can choose to go on an Eastern or Western Mediterranean cruise. One typical Eastern Mediterranean cruise includes visits to Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt. Sometimes cruises finish with sailing in Black sea and visiting Bulgaria and Ukraine. On that trip you will feel the spirit of one of the oldest civilizations; the Acropolis in Athens and Rome’s Colosseum will bring you back to antiquity. The other option is to go on a Western Mediterranean cruise. There you will have the chance to visit Italy, France, Spain, Tunis, Malta and sometimes Morocco and Portugal are included.


This type of cruise is considered to be more diverse, because it offers you art, culture, history, sightseeing and huge variety of activities. The Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, the Sistine Chapel and the French Riviera will charm you and take your breath away.

Except all of that, ships, that you are sailing on, offer lots of other entertainments like casinos, going to spa procedures and swimming pools. Lying on the deck and having a drink will make you feel that Heaven is on Earth.

Usually cruises continue 7 days, but you can choose also 14-day one. Honestly said neither 14, nor 7 days will be enough for you to visit everything you can or to try everything you want. But surely this magnificent experience will make everyone come back again and will leave a trail in your life.

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