Camille_Rowe_for_Seafolly_swimwear_2013_summer_campaignChoosing a swimwear is one of the most important things in the preparation before going on a vacation. Every self-respecting lady wants to look good – no matter if she is going on a date or just to take out the trash. But the truth is that women want to look as good as it is possible in a swimsuit. What can be more flattering than people who turn after you when you are walking on the sand? Come on ladies, pick up the right swimwear and show off all your beautiful features.

Some women make the mistake to choose their swimsuit led by different fashion trends. But one model can’t look good on completely different figures. If you think of your specific lineaments, you will be surprised how stunning you can look on the beach. If you have small breasts choose a swimwear with veils, flowers or ribbons. If you want to hide your belly, the best option is high waisted bikini.

Problems with the hips are easily solved – just pick up a swimsuit with ties, preferably in dark color.

In case you don’t have problems with your figure, than learn some more about the fashion trends this summer. Cutouts are very attractive and eye-catching even though they are very impractical.

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If you don’t like sunbathing or if you have a way to remove the differences in your tan, than this type of swimwear will make you feel great in your skin.


One-pieces are coming back on the stage and more and more ladies bet on that model. Be sure that you will look very seductive and effeminate wearing that kind of swimsuit.


The low rise bikini swimwear will be also very fashionable during the up-coming summer. The more parts of your body you show off, the more sex appeal you will express. Tanning is also easier when you are wearing a low rise bikini swimwear.

There are plenty of different models, colors and styles that you can choose from. Start searching the most appropriate one from now and be the queen on the beach! Summer 2014, we are all waiting for you!