Italy has always been famous for its incomparable beauty. The cradle of the ancient world is still keeping the memories of the past. Squares, cathedrals, fountains have turned Italy into a place, which everyone surely have to visit in his life. The spirit and the atmosphere there are incredible and not only thanks to the unique architecture. The local cuisine is considered to be one of the most delicious. Not by accident it is popular and spread throughout the whole world. You will love the Mediterranean climate; Italians are always cheery and smiling and the language is like music for ears. Every part of that land is hiding history, glory and fascination. If you have the privilege to visit Italy, surely the decision where to go will be very hard. Because Italy has so much to give, so much to show you.

40 million tourists a year choose Italy for their vacation. One of the most visited places is Venice, and its top tourist attraction – Grand Canal, which is one of the romantic symbols of Europe.


Above Grand Canal there are lots of bridges, which will astonish you with their beauty and uniqueness. The most remarkable place downstream is Bridge of sighs or like it is in Italian – Ponte dei Sospiri. The landscape is completed by lots of magnificent castles.

The Sistine Chapel in Vatican is not only a landmark; it is also the pope’s private chapel. About 5 million people a year are being attracted by this place. One of the most exciting facts is that the roof has been painted by the great hand of Michelangelo.

And of course, one of the emblems of Italy – the Leaning tower of Pisa. The tower was built for over 170 years. It has been opened for visitors since 2001 and now everyone who wants to climb its almost 300 steps is able to do it.

Go to Italy and you will understand why it is called Bel Paese or like it is in English – beautiful country!