Inspiring Interview with travellers Laura and Tanbay

Every now and then we hear stories about people who leave their corporate life and take a lifelong vacation travelling the world. Those people are living the dream and they are a true inspiration for all of us. 

Today we are going to introduce you to two young travellers who left the “ordinary” life and decide to embark on an epic adventure around the world. They are Laura and Tanbay from England and Germany. They house sit their way around the globe and blog about it on Why and how did they choose to travel, what keeps them going and what are their favorite places in the world, read in the inspiring interview below:

Question 1: How did you start travelling and what keeps you going?

Laura: We started travelling because I had just graduated from university and we wanted to take a gap year. We kept going because we fell in love with travelling, and the more we travelled the more we wanted to see!

Question 2: Tell us more about your most favorite places in the world?

Our favourite places are Australia – specifically Kangaroo Island, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. We also loved Portugal – especially the Azores. Italy is probably our favourite country that we’ve been to so far though.

Question 3: What’s the one item you can’t travel without?

We can’t travel without are our computers!! The reason we can now afford to travel is because of our blog, so to keep travelling we need to keep our computers close!

Inspiring Interview with travellers Laura and Tanbay

Question 4: What destinations you want to visit the most?

We really want to visit the Philippines, South Africa and Iceland. We are going to the Philippines for the first time in March and are very excited!

Question 5: What is your best advice for people who want to travel more but can’t at the moment?

Firstly to perhaps rethink why you can’t travel. Most people say ‘because I can’t afford it’, but if travel is the number one thing you want to do, you can find a way. We’ve found travelling has cost a fraction of the price of our ‘old’, ‘normal’ lives.

Coming from rich Western countries, this is easy to say, but we genuinely believe travel can be cheap for anyone. Hitchhiking, house sitting, couch surfing, volunteering.., there are plenty of ways to travel for free, if you can think outside of the box (and perhaps outside of your comfort zone).

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