snowboarding-snowboard-free-365x257If you have already decided to spend your weekends on snowboarding and have taken your first lessons, maybe it’s the right time to choose your own snowboard. You have lots of brands and types to pick from. You can find snowboards almost in every sport store; you can even buy a second-hand one, if you want to save money.

The most important thing when you choose your snowboard is to decide where and in what style you will be snowboarding. If you want to do more tricks, buy a shorter board. If you will practice a freestyle snowboarding, the best choice for you is a board known as freestyle or freeride board like Snowboard Salomon Burner 171 12/13. If you want to spend more time in the mountain, choose a longer snowboard, which is called crosscountry.

best-snowboard-res_387x242Your weight is also one very important factor; it determines the board’s length. Very often the recommendable weight is mentioned among the board’s characteristics. If you are more than 100 kg/220 pounds your snowboard must be at least 160 cm long. The length of the deck is related with the snowboarder height and boarding style. The right way to understand which length is the most appropriate for you is to hold  the snowboard next to your body and compare it to your own height. Short boards similar to Salomon snowboard- will come up to your chin; they are easier to control and great to learn on. Medium-length boards like Salomon Split 160 cm. or Salomon Dream  will come up to your nose and they are perfect if you have intermediate to advanced skills. Decks, which come up to your eyes and higher, are appropriate for those who are sliding on big mountain terrains, similar or higher Freeride Snowboard Men K2 Ultra Dream

The board’s hardness depends on your sliding style. The better snowboarder you are, the harder board you need. Hard boards are used mostly on hard snow. If you don’t feel that confident, it will be better not to buy a hard snowboard. Soft boards are the most appropriate for beginners. They can be controlled easily, so you can learn snowboarding on that kind of board.

snowboard-375x250According to the flexibility snowboards are a few kinds. The first one is Easyflex. It can be bent easily and is perfect for beginners. The Midflex snowboard allows you to slide faster when the conditions are secured. That kind of snowboard is also appropriate for those who like freestyle. The Fullflex board stays stable even when the pressure is big. In fact Fullflex combines the advantages of a hard and a soft snowboard. It has the best flexibility for the freeride style.

The width of the board is also very important characteristic. If the snowboard is too narrow, your feet will touch the snow, which will make the sliding more difficult. On the other hand a board which is wider is difficult to control, especially for women and little kids. The narrow board is appropriate for racing and carving sliding; the widest – for freeride, they have a bigger surface for successful landing.

Women and kids must be more careful when they choose their deck. Women’s snowboards comply with the fact that women have narrower waist width and smaller feet. Taller women may feel more comfortable on snowboards designed for men. Choosing a snowboard for a kid is also not an easy task. Parents should know that it is absolutely wrong to buy a deck for adults, hoping that the kid will grow into it. That can be very dangerous; the kid can lose the control while it is sliding. That can also slow their skill development.

If you have decided to practice that winter sport, the snowboard is not the only important thing to think about. Boots have a major role for a snowboarder’s comfort and security. It is even better first to buy your boots and after that to combine them with the snowboard. Besides that you have to know that having a snowboard is kind of a luxury. A quality deck’s price starts from $400 and can go much higher.

Snowboarding-M-375x250When you choose your board don’t do it because of its color or if it looks good with your snowboarding suit. Even you don’t have to listen to the shop assistant’s advices. The snowboard is not something essential, but for sure it is something that must be chosen carefully. There are not many differences in the quality of snowboards, made by different companies. For unprofessional snowboarders all the small details doesn’t matter a lot. But it will be absolutely wrong, if you decide to buy a cheaper board, while you are learning to slide. Be sure that you will learn to slide faster than you think and one middling skateboard will hinder you to progress. Spend some time on learning the different elements that construct a snowboard, than you will be able to sift out these decks, which are appropriate for you according to your abilities, riding style and budget.

Think safe even on a holiday!


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