What involves the perfect romantic weekend? Which things bring the magic between two lovers and fire the love flame in their eyes? And the place… maybe the place itself is a necessary condition for a perfect rendezvous. If you have chosen a lonely Island for your date, then you should definitely check this article.

First and very important step is:  choose wisely the holiday package, the airline tickets and discuss the date with your mate.

Then when you know the hotel or the atmosphere itself, you can make plans about the special surprises and gestures .Do not follow fashion trends and magazines precepts to surprise your favorite. Do what your heart whispers. Knowing your other half, you know best what she or he would like, even better than her/him!

We will give you some ideas that will make the weekend unforgettable.

Well… you can select the music in the restaurant on a dinner or the place where you will be. You can choose her favorite flowers and colors. It will be good if you know the preferences of your beloved one. If she loves outdoor dinner under the stars, among coconut beaches or on the hotel’s terrace.


If she is a keen on specific adventures, maybe the diving into the blue ocean will be a great surprise, but if she is a person who appreciates tranquility, it is better if your proposal of surprise is under the palm trees on a sunny beach.

It is supposed that all the romance about ” the lonely island ” comes from the fact that the two lovers want to escape from the noisy, civilized world , and get to know each other privately .The sense of distance from the noisy world, as if in another space, a paradise for lovers…

But let’s be smart! You might think that it will be  like a love  movie scene  ,  that it will be a great and romantic idea , maybe you are right, but you have to sure if this place is reliable for your security . Otherwise, you risk too much. If you are inexperienced, it might be good idea to stay close to places, where other people live.


Primarily, you have to know that the women hold on the SECURITY!

In fact, the average man likes a challenge, an adrenaline and unfamiliar experiences and the average women would change these things for a good book or fun, romantic movie. Therefore we have to emphasize to the phrase -THE LOVE IS MUTUALITY and the romance will be real if you plan the weekend with your better half.

But REMEMBER to be practical and wise even among the romantic atmosphere and do not let the small things to spoil your PERFECT romantic weekend with your beloved one on a lonely island.


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