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aguasclaras-482x271Menorca is situated at distance of 200 km from Barcelona in the west part of the Mediterranean Sea. That island is wonderful choice for those who are looking for quietness and peace. Although that destination is not so far away from Mallorca, it is isolated from the enormous stream of tourists. Even in the summer the silence is dominating and Menorca attracts those, who are searching for privacy. The climate there is pleasant during the whole year, so if your aim is not sunbathing, you can visit the island throughout every season.

Galdana-Panorama-463x203 Menorca will captivate you with its beauty for sure. Like every Mediterranean island it owns specific charm, which can be found in every piece of land there. There aren’t any big beaches, but in contrast there are plenty of small ones with snow-white sand and crystal clear water. In the north part of Menorca the nature is absolutely wild, so if you have luck, it is possible to find a place where you can spend your time on your own.

eltorostatue-217x290The island is perfect for admirers of diving and swimming, but it also offers ideal conditions for golf players. Another sport, which you practice there during the whole year, is bicycling. Maybe this is the best way to explore Menorca and be sure that it will be very easy and pleasantly because of the flat terrain.The highest peak there is Monte El Toro, where is situated a statue of Jesus. It reminds of the sculpture in Rio de Janeiro. Of course it is not so impressive, but it doesn’t deserve less respect.

If you prefer eco-tourism and visiting wild places, than Menorca is the perfect place for you. Today it is almost untouched and maybe that is the reason why you can see there rare kinds of birds and animals. Visit it and persuade yourself that there are still virgin places for your holiday! You may find hundreds of beach vacations at


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