tzarevets-322There is a legend that when God created the world there wasn’t any land for Bulgarians left, so he took a small plot from the heaven and gave it to them. Despite of its limited territory, you will need a lot of time to explore the nature, history, traditions and manners of Bulgaria and its population.

It is impossible to mention all landmarks and monuments, which you can visit. But here are some of the most remarkable destinations. Veliko Tarnovo is a town-symbol of Bulgaria. An old capital, powerful political, economic and religious center, Veliko Tarnovo is the eternal memory of Bulgaria’s history. There you can visit the Tsarevets hill, which is famous for the audio-visual spectacle “Sound and lights”. If you decide to visit the country in the winter, there are a lot of resorts, which will welcome you.


Borovets is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria. It attracts tourist from all over the world with its excellent conditions for practicing different winter sports. You can also spend some great time there in the summer, when the climate is fresh and the sun rays will fondle your skin.


If you are an admirer of holidays near the sea shore, you can visit Sozopol – the top destination on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town is also the perfect place for you if you are interested in archeology, history and culture. You have two beaches for sunbathing there, but if you prefer more secluded atmosphere, you can go to one of the campsites near Sozopol. Tryavna is a town, which has turned into a popular resort not only for its beauty, but also for its preserved authenticity. Now that town is the perfect place for all people who want to run away from the dynamic way of life and to feel the peace of nature.

That is Bulgaria – one tiny place, which has compiled plenty of natural wonders and historical heritage. Every piece of the country has something to show you! Travel wherever you want.



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