Eiffel TowerThere is no doubt that France is one of the world tourist centers. And this is with reason – in that old European country are situated many cultural and historical monuments, which fit perfectly with the beautiful landscape. Tempting and old-fashioned, but always looking for something new – this is the country, which has given to the world the champagne, many fragrant wines and hundreds kinds of cheese. When it comes to the choice which places to be seen, it’s definitely a big challenge. Here are some off the most visited places in this magnificent country.

It is almost impossible everything that the French capital – Paris – offers to its visitors to be described. Some of the most impressive monuments there are the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the avenue Champs Elysees.

S France-335x188The Loire River is the longest one in France. The middle part of its stream is called the Loire Valley and it is included in the UNESCO list for world heritage. This part is full of wonderful gardens, vineyards and orchards.

There are situated 26 castles, which can’t be compared with any others in the world. They are so opulent and romantic that it is almost impossible to resist not staying just for a night in one of them and feeling the aristocratic way of life.

S France 1-364x172The Palace of Versailles is a place worthy for royalties. The gardens there will compel you with all the lakes, wide and long alleys, various kinds of flowers and plants. As much as you want to tour the whole area, it can’t be done in a day or two. But this is good, because you will have a reason to come back.

No matter if you are looking for one of a kind cuisine or for masterpieces of art France can give it to you all!


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