Celebrities are those idols we have in life who we really love to imitate in our lifestyle and even in our selection of a spot to go on a vacation. Even though we may not have such plans, it is really interesting and curious to find out where these people go to relax and have fun, right? These places represent the best resorts in the world after all. See where famous people go on a vacation:

France, but not Paris…Saint Tropez

Unlike your suggestion that famous people go to one of the most beautiful European capitals ever, it seems that the reality is different. Celebrities prefer to go sunbathing in Saint Tropez, where the sun and the luxury are of a higher rate!

Maui, Hawaii

No, Hawaii is not forgotten by rich and famous people. And no – it is not a cliche at all! On the contrary, many people of Hollywood remain to be this place most regular customers.

The Caribbean

Usually, celebrities try to find some more tranquil place on the Caribbean, because the island is now really crowded.

Como Lake in Italy


Here is one secret place famous people really love occupying in Italy. This is a fascinating region with beautiful nature and fantastic spa hotels! Como Lake is a real fairy tale that everyone deserves to see and experience!


Famous people`s most favorite Greek resort is called Mykonos and it is hugely appreciate by both – European and American idols.

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico

Haven`t heard of it? Probably, because you cannot afford it! But if you were a famous person, you would be definitely here every summer. It`s fantastic and you can enjoy the great cuisine here at a full value.

Bora Bora


Located in the French Polynesia, this luxurious resort is suitable only for Hollywood stars and rich businessmen. It has crystal clean water, awesome private villas to crash with your better half and numerous of outdoor activities to enjoy and to try for the very first time of your life.


It`s not an old spot for celebrities. However, yet, some famous people started avoiding it, because paparazzi photographers are round by each corner and it is completely impossible to survive without being spotted here!

So, what would be your most beloved destination, if you were a celebrity, too?

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