As a travel lover you must be aware of all the important tips for a trip or hiking, as well as all the cool ideas for budget-friendly, but diverse and original vacation. However, it is almost certain that you have no idea about the next things you are going to hear. Here are 10 fun and weird facts about travel you haven`t heard about – probably!

1. The largest hotel is not where you think it is. No, it is not in Dubai and it is not even in Pairs. New York does not owe it, either. As a matter of fact, the biggest hotel in the world is actually in Malaysia. The hotel is in Pahang Darul Makmur and it offers accommodation in 6000 private rooms!

2. There is only one single country – across the whole globe – that cannot offer you a trip on a river, because it has no river. This is Saudi Arabia and its map does not include any river mark.

3. American holds one third of the airport numbers from all around the world. USA gets about 33% of all airports on the globe and this is why the number of flights to American is also the biggest.

4. Finland gets the award for the country with the biggest number of islands. You might not believe it, but here, on Finnish territory you can find up to 180 thousand of islands.

5. The second biggest tree in the world is in Iran. People claim it is more than 4000-year old and all travel lovers can see it as a national attraction, because the local government has proclaimed it as the most important Iran-based monument.

6. It`s not Greece, but Spain that rules the olive oil! Yes, about half of the global olive oil amount is actually produced here in Spain, but not on a Greek land.

7. You can smoke marijuana, but no tobacco in most public places in Amsterdam. Actually, the penalty for tobacco smoking is quite big. So is the penalty for crossing the way of a bicycle!

8. There is a tradition in Russia to sit down – together with the whole family – before going on a long way. They call it “sit for the road”. And this trend removes all bad luck for the travelers.

9. If you desire a national traditional dish in Vietnam, you might get rice with snake poison that will give you more energy and health.

10. And last, but not least, the highest capital city point you can reach in Europe is actually in Andorra.

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