Spain is a great place for holiday with many relaxing resorts, there is a three very famous for beach holidays – Costa Blanca, Costa Dorada and Costa del Sol, which one, it’s only your choice.

Holiday in Costa Blanca

costa-blanca-378x205Costa Blanca is a coastline in the Spanish province Alicante. It includes many famous destinations where the tourism is very developed. Benidorm is the place, which attracts the biggest part of the tourists. It has turned into an international center for entertainment. In the south part of Costa Blanca you will find the authentic Spain, where you can have some traditional paella and it will be very hard for you to find hamburgers and chips. But that place is not only beaches and bars. In some towns you will find Renaissance palaces, baroque churches and squares with fountains. You can hear flamenco from every place there; the festivals have changed just a little since the middle Ages.

costa-blanca-313x248From all the towns that you can visit in Costa Blanca, don’t miss to go to Alicante. There is the Santa Barbara castle, which is situated above the settlement. The port in Alicante is also worth seeing, because of its historical significance. The places, which you have to visit, are the Archeological museum, Gravina museum of fine arts – there are many paintings and sculptures from the period XVI – XIX century. Benissa is one of the oldest towns in Costa Blanca. Its center is quite preserved – the square, the narrow streets and the churches. Guardamar del Segura has 11 kilometers long beach with white sand and coniferous forests. Even in the summer you can see the town crowded very rarely. Guardamar is famous for its sand dunes. There are many parks at tourist’s disposal in Costa Blanca. One of them is “Terra Mitica” near Benidorm, which will lead you to different parts of the Mediterranean world. “Papagayos” will give you the chance to see many kinds of parrots and toucans, kangaroos and cockatoos.

As you see Costa Blanca offers a huge variety of entertainments. We are sure that there is something for every taste, including yours!


Holiday in Costa Dorada

costa dorada11-475x197Costa Dorada is a coastline in Catalonia, Spain, which includes 20 settlements. Its name means “golden shore” and it comes from the color of the extensive beaches, which attracts many tourists every year. In the area between the sea and the mountain there are fields with olive, almond and hazelnut plantations. Most of the towns there are built around ancient fortresses. The more you go away from the coast, the more you dive into the authentic Spanish atmosphere of the small towns.

costa dorada8-409x273Tarragona is the most urbanized town in Costa Dorada and its capital. In one part of it you will see the whole millennial history of the region. In Tarragona you will see a roman fortress wall and a gothic cathedral. There are also many water parks like Aqualeon, Aquopolis and Portaventura. Sitges is a town, which succeeded in keeping its artistically atmosphere, but in the night it turns into the best place for entertainments. There you can visit the San Bartomeu Church and the CauFerratMuseum, where you can see El Greco’s paintings. The Catalan cuisine is popular in the whole world, but it has reached the top in Costa Dorada. In the restaurants there you will find the whole diversity of Mediterranean dishes and also many international specialties. The pottery and the products made of wrought iron are traditional for Costa Dorada and you can buy some of these handiworks not only for yourself, but also for your friends as a gift. On the markets early in the morning you can buy also fresh fish. If you want to delight in a high-class shopping, Costa Dorada is not your place, but you can go to Barcelona by train or by bus and find everything in the local stores and malls.

Costa Dorada will take you away from the rush daily life and will give you energy to return with new strengths!


Holiday in Costa del Sol

cds-beaches-613x180Costa del Sol is a coastline in South Spain. Its name means “sunny beach”. Beaches and mountain views are not the only attractive things there. There you will also come upon a huge cultural heritage. Costa del Sol is a destination for many rich and famous visitors. In the area you can choose between 40 golf courses. In the 80’s the place became famous with the name “Costa del Crime”, because many English criminals moved there to live in luxury.

costa-del-sol-holidays-342x227Each town in Costa del Sol has its own atmosphere and spirit. Malaga is the capital of Costa del Sol. It’s the birth place of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. To explore it entirely you will need a few days, because there is a lot to see – the beach, all the architecture monuments, the museums and the local cuisine. Marbella is a preferred place for relax for all wealthy tourists. As you walk along the narrow streets you will feel the charm of the small town. One of the most pleasant places there is the Orange Square. There are many magnificent buildings, small stores and bars. On the shore is situated the La Alameda Park where you can ride a horse or play the game of all noblemen – golf. There you can see a Salvador Dali’s work – a statue of a horseman. Toremolinos is another town that is worth seeing. It is situated at a distance of 7 km from Malaga. Toremolinos has succeeded in keeping it’s individuality in spite of the huge tourist flow. The resort is popular among the young people, because in the summer this is the place in Costa del Sol, which can give you the most diversified night life. Round about the resort there are also a few golf courses.

Costa del Sol is a charming place, which can give you only positive emotions and unforgettable memories for a lifetime!



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