At we use cookies, the main that we do use are Google Analytics and these are mainly to track the number of visitors and how you found our website to help improve our content and where we advertise.  Here is a breakdown of our cookies.

Google Analytics 

We use Google Analytics to record how our website’s are used. Some of these cookies are automatically removed when you close your browser. The cookie stored allows us to understand what visitors want to use and not to use, so we can improve the service you receive.

We have amazon adverts on a selection of our pages to offer complementary products to our visits and some of the banners or links may drop a cookie when you visit the amazon store.  Please be aware we may receive a small commission from anything purchased by using one of these links.  Read the privacy policy

Affiliate Cookies 
When you visit certain links on our website it may take you to another travel or tour operator or a search results page.  If you choose to visit one of these links to buy a holiday, swimwear, sunglasses, car hire or any other items one of the  networks may drop a cookie to track the sale and award us a small commission.  We don’t track you from this cookie and any information is anonymous.

By using you agree to opt into using  Google Analytics to track your movement through only.  If you click on any affiliated link then you may have a cookie placed within your webs browser and if you do not want to be tracked in this way then we recommend not clicking on any advert, banner or search box within